Friday, July 17, 2009

Frantic Cleaning

All women can say they have had a time or two of frantic cleaning

Like when your company is in the neighborhood and you have your daughters fanning the floors to dry them quicker. Yep I am a witness- that was last Thursday!

Like when you find out right before company comes that you forgot to do the guest bathroom. That was the weekend before.

Like the night before guest arrive and you are up till 2 Am vacuuming, putting away 8 loads of laundry, and dusting all at once. That was last night.

Lately I have been a lot of frantic cleaning. I come by it honestly- I am a third generation frantic cleaner.

We have had company the past 3 weekends and I am going to make this blog quick to pick up the fourth set- I love people so that is not a problem- I merely hate it when guest come and my house is dirty.

I remember as a child hearing a crash early one morning (like 2 am) and it was my Mother who fell off the dining room table while cleaning the chandelier....see I come by it honestly.

One of the best books ever, and yes I have plugged it over and over is "Lifegiving" by Tammy Maltby. She talks about the fact that our society has lost the art of hospitality- giving of ones home, time, self to others. She then says that most will not remember if your house was spic and span but remember the warmth they feel when they arrive.

They will remember if you really listened to them when they talked or you were waiting for your turn to spew out facts to impress your guest.

Have you been a lifegiver lately? Have you opened up your heart and home to others. Better yet- have all of us had a frantic heart cleaning? Is my heart as clean as my home. Which do I worry about more?

As for me- I've gotta run- the airport is calling and I don't remember vacuuming under the Hamster cage- YUCK.

Love you all- Happy Friday!



Kathy McElhaney said...

I think we women must all suffer this affliction. On a recent visit to Indiana, my niece said, "Mom was going crazy cleaning and cleaning before you got here!!"

Melinda said...

I have never cleaned a day in my life - unless it was frantic cleaning.
This is a true story.
I, however, do not come by it honestly.
And I am the black sheep of the family.
I'm not even really black - just incredibly dirty until the last possible minute.

Paula said...


Cylinda, let me assure you that you have the gift of hospitality. I can say that since I was just recently the recipient of your hospitality. Okay, so your driving can be a little scary when there are UPS trucks around, but other than that? Awesome in a nutshell! :D :D