Friday, July 24, 2009

"I'm a prankster Mama"

So I know you have been missing the "Emma-isms" here are some of her latest exploits.

Recently Emma was found:

1. Pushing the hamster down the slide outside...while playing amusement park I guess?. Yep Kid you not.

2. Putting the hamster in the little paper 57 Chevy. She got this in her kid's meal from Cheeburger Cheeburger. She also was trying to put its "hands" on the dash when I caught her.

3. Taking her Tator Tots and shaping them into a cross and eating them one by one - then was dipping them in ketchup and saying thank you Jesus for dying for me. Okay that one is kind of sweet and yet strange all in one.

4. Asking while we spent the night in Nashville on the way to Little Rock if tomorrow was the big day that we would finally see "Red Necks". We told her that was not a good term to use when we got to AR. I also told her that NC had an equal amount. John did have to turn around and laugh while she was not looking.

5. Falling at Olive Garden. She had on a tube dress with a little shrug on top of it. That is girl language for stretchy dress men. She was mortified thinking the waiters could see her "niblets". I could not stop laughing and she was horrified that I was laughing. It was a rolling chair and her dress got caught on it- so it kept getting worse and worse. I know it was one of those horrible mother moments when I should have been consoling her but I could not get a grip. I even tried to think of my dog dying- nothing would stop my laughter.

6. Writing new songs that she sings with an old Disney lullaby CD. Most of them consist of la la la la la and Oh oh oh oh oh. She then pauses to ask did you like it the first way better or second? I can't hear the difference so I always go with second.

7. Hiding all of Seanna's "bras". She would not fess up to it- finally she said that she hid them in her pj drawer. She looked at me and said- I am a prankster Mama- you had better watch out- you might be next.

8. Telling a lady that teaches school locally that she knew she would be a star student in AR- because anyone could get good grades here .....Right? (her mother was acting like she did not hear the conversation)


Emma remains my awesome giving, sharing, intelligent, sweet little 8 year old. She was praying with her friends at camp, she loves to sing and worship at church.

I am blessed with Two beautiful daughters. I told John just the other day- in 6 years he will be dealing with boys showing up at the door ready to take out his now 10 year old. We both agreed- we are not ready for that.

Have a great weekend! Love you all-



Melinda said...

I now feel awful about laughing at Emma's "niblets." Thanks for dragging me down into sin with you!

Paula said...

Ahhh, I was having Emma-isms withdrawals!!! LOVE that girl!!! Please give her a BIG HUG from her 'Auntie Paula'.

(Might need to consider adding the hamsters to your insurance plan. Hehe)

Girly Muse said...

I love that little girl.

She is such a hoot.