Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stop Micro- Managing!

Today at lunch I ran into "town" to get a gift for a friend. I went into this little shop that has great stuff- just poorly displayed. I found a gift and took it to the counter.

For the sake of this blog I am going to give the workers names so you can follow along. Behind the counter helping me was Rita. Rita is in her mid- 30s and really sweet. She looks intimidated by everyone.

Sitting to the left of the counter at a little table by the free fudge is Helga. Helga is about 65- has on a fully matching outfit from toenails up. She was glammed out. I could tell she either A- Worked there or B- Owned the place.

So on to the gift wrapping. The Rita asked if I would like my item gift wrapped. I said yes.

She moved over to another area to find a box that it would fit into.

Helga- Do you know how to look for a box?

Rita- Yes I think I do.

Helga- But do you know how to measure it?

Rita- I will just eyeball it to see if it fits.

Helga- A great way to see if it fits is measure the gift and then measure the box.

Rita- I think I've got it.

Helga- Before you put that gift in the box let me see if I THINK IT WILL FIT. Yep I think it will fit.

Rita- Thank you.

Helga- Has anyone shown you how to measure out the paper for the gift wrap?

Rita- No.

Helga- Well I will have to show you. Now take your box- line it up to the paper and double it around the box like so. Can you do that? Wait I will do it first and then you can do it after me.

Cylinda- Shocked and really getting impatient at this point.

Rita- I think I can do it.

Helga- Well I don't want you to waste paper and have to come back for more.

Rita- Okay go ahead and do it.

Helga- Now I have measured it - I am going to put a mark where I think you should cut it and you see if you get the same mark.

Rita- Looks over at Cylinda horrified.

Cylinda- Smiles reassuringly at Rita.

Helga- Okay go ahead.

Rita- Marks where she thinks the paper should be cut.

Helga- That is close enough- go ahead and cut it.

Rita- Okay

Helga- Now when it comes to wrapping has anyone shown you how to do that?

Rita- I have wrapped gifts at home.

Helga- We do it a special way.

Cylinda- About to just leave without the gift.

Helga- We like to make triangles on the ends like so.

Rita- Thanks

Helga- You are not making those triangles the way I like them.

Rita- Sorry.

Helga- Now has anyone shown you how to make the bows here? We put stickers on them.

Rita- Yes it is just a ribbon with a sticker.

Helga- I will watch you this first time to make sure you are cutting the ends of the ribbon with a slant.

Rita- Cuts the ribbon.

Helga- Great - but I would make it more angled.

Rita- Applies the ribbon and sticker and walks over to me.

Helga- (I KID YOU NOT) sits down drinks her soda and says -this work is exhausting around here. I need to take a break.

Rita- Thanks for your patience

Cylinda- No thank you for your patience. Have a great day.

Rita looks at Cylinda dumbfounded.


Thanks for letting me vent! Happy Thursday!


Melinda said...

Poor Rita - she's working for my sister...
Just kidding! My sister get's like that, I just let her do it, and I am consequently - spoiled rotten..

Alan said...

Do you think that have a class of folding invoices too..

Savannah Smiles said...
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Savannah Smiles said...

They probably took class at the that school down der' that "oh we accept gifts, what store are you from?" lol.....Love you and miss you!

Cylinda Nickel said...

Lol- I need to go and check to make sure Rita is still with us :)

Girly Muse said...

Oh my word, you have to tell me where this I can be sure to avoid it!!! ;)

Melissa said...

I'm cringeing for Rita -- miss you a ton! owe you an email..its been a crazy week..I have a second job interview tomorrow @ 10 am -- it warrants a separate email. Praying that God gives me guidance..I feel like I'm floating out at sea a bit right now. Miss ya girl!!