Monday, June 29, 2009

Funny Signs that you might be a tad bit tired.... Or Dragging....

So today- I realized after hitting the snooze button litterally 8 times- that is for 42 minutes- I started thinking- Hmmmmmm- I might be tired. I don't think my body wants to get up at 6:00 Am today.

Here are some things I caught myself doing yesterday and today that tells me that I need more sleep.

1. When leaving the house I tried to close the garage door by pressing my blackberry. I was getting more and more frustrated- finally realizing- Wowzer it is my blackberry and not the garage door opener.

2. I spent an hour and 1/2 talking to Suddenlink support (that is our internet provider) but be fully agrivated by the "help desk lady" who I am going to name Zifalina (because I dislike her so much). I was having problems with my new laptop sending and receiving emails. She told me that I had to set up Suddenlink as the main email provider on outlook. I am not a member of the Geek Squad but I know that what she was telling me was not true. I finally said. Okay- I am hanging up now. I have spent an hour and 1/2 on the phone with you and have not learned a thing. What part of "Support Desk" do you not get? I then hung up. I immediatly felt God frowning at me. I looked up and was like- look God even you get frustrated. I think he was okay with it.

3. I went to pick up my diet coke to drink it and grabbed the gorilla glue. I immediatly put the glue away - so that I would not ingest it- in my current state of mind.

4. I tried to hang up one shelf three times tonight. I now have four - yes count them four holes in my wall and no shelf hanging up. I left the supplies for my cute husband to get to tomorrow. I am not the handy woman that I previously fantisized I was. I am still intrigued by power tools.

5. We got steak and hamdburgers to grill at my parents house last night. I like steak- but only if it's grilled. John does not like steak (really -go figure) and we rarely eat it- as we don't have a grill. I went to Walmart to get the Steak and supplies last night- and could not find the steak rub. I asked the Walmart worker- Do you know where I can rub my steak? Yep- Not kidding.

6. I can't type or spell 1, 2, or 3 letter words.

7. Emma has a huge elephant in her bed ( a stuffed one) that she got from Mom and Dad's house on Saturday. Sunday Am I walked by her room I started freaking- wondering who was laying in her bed. I started panicking to the point of running to get John until the saw the grey fluffy ears hanging out of the sheets. It was just the Elephant- wrapped up in the sheet and laying on the pillow.

8. Last night John filled up my tank of gas. I later panicked thinking how are we going to get home from Mayflower (30 minutes away) without gas- forgetting that we had already filled the car up with gas.

9. I still can't find Emma's bedding or Seanna's curtains- or Emma's Curtains. I am thinking about putting foil on the windows- I saw a house like that this past week. Maybe it is the in vogue thing here.

10. I pulled out of the neighborhood tonight (because I was going to get hyrdogen peroxide for Seanna's ears.) When I left the neigborhood- I saw the police following me out. He lives in the neighborhood. I drove about five miles and looked back panicking thinking- why is that police following me. Forgetting he is from the neighborhood. :) Short Memory issues!

Okay I am stopping at the number 10- It's an even number. I like it. And ten feet also equals a story. This has been no story- but it is my life story over the past two days.

Love you bloggy buddies!



Paula said...


Girl, hope you get some sleep tonight!!!! And I must confess...I have put foil on my windows in Madland. (I still hang up curtains tho.) They make for some DARK rooms...great for sleeping in. :)

Can't wait to see you. Don't worry about the shelf -- or the computer woes. If you can just hang on until Thursday, you can put us to work. :)

Girly Muse said...

Take a good, long nap. All the "stuff" can wait...

Love you.

Anonymous said...
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Kathy McElhaney said...

I can only imagine how tired you are. The last of day of camp I put trash on my husband's plate - while he was still eating!! He "kindly" pointed it out to everyone at the table. I knew it was time to head home and sleep... The curtains will show up eventually.

Melinda said...

#5 made me laugh SO HARD!
Bad for the ear.
Good for the soul.
I love you!

amberle said...

Gilr I laughed out loud on this one!! You know i can relate? I tried to open the exterior door of my house by pushing the unlock button on my keyring, for my car. Nearly ran into the door when it didn't open. (yes i just admitted that for all the blog world to see.)

cltgrace said...

I'm late reading this as it's a few weeks old, but man..I giggled as if it was right on time. lolololol

love you, funny girl!