Sunday, May 31, 2009


**It is 9:54 PM- I am exhausted- but my brain won't shut off. Don't you hate it when that happens? I have so many questions, quandaries, and thoughts about my life.

**I wish that God had a Google feature that you could type in any question to him and he would send you to the right website for your life.

**I have always wished my girls were born with instruction manuals. I was sure that they were born with them and the Dr threw them away in jest- thinking she would add some adventure to my life. Then I come to find out that no ones kids are born with instruction manuals. I still want one- but don't feel quite so ripped off.

**I am never good with change. I am really uptight about clutter, things in their spot, and things organized. I am about to go through some huge changes and if I think about it I sometimes feel like I can't breathe.

**I still look away and get tears in my eyes when I see people that are disfigured begging for money. I am 40 and I pray that never changes.

**When I was little my only goal in life was to build an orphanage. I turn 41 on Wednesday and still no orphanage. Today while Emma was putting a blanket on a sleeping house guest I told her that she was going to be a great Mom. She said- well I am going to have to be- because I am going to have an orphanage. I stopped and caught my breath. I wondered if this is how David felt when he was told that he could not build the temple, but later Solomon did.

**Family is always first to me-outside of God. I will drop everything for my family.

**I am so proud of my brother and his family and all that they have done for the Lord. It amazed me how Steve works to make life easier for his family. He has an inverter since the power is always off. He then has a generator if the inverter is burned out. He has a back up water source if the water goes out. He even has flashlights. I don't think we even have one that works. He is such a wonderful Dad and Husband. I am so proud of all five of them and would do anything for them. Leaving him at the airport still brings tears to my eyes. Did I mention I love them?

**I love my friends with all of my hearts. I would do anything for them. I have moved so much in my life that I always am afraid that I will loose friends. You never loose true friends. They always stay in the same spot- your heart.

**I hate packing. I told myself to not worry about it until Monday and I am sticking to it. Well I was going to stick to it until I got a call that someone had a ticket emergency- Two hours later I realized that I was not going to get packing done. My sweet husband told me that Sundays are a day of rest. Don't you love it when someone gives you that "Get out of jail free" card.

**I dread packing. Oh I'm sorry I guess I mentioned that :)

**I ate a burrito the size of a premie baby today. Really I am still full 8 hours later.

**I hate peanut butter and jelly together. Only peanut butter for me.

**I am obsessed with minute manicure scrub. It is amazing. I even put it on my feet. Um- I forgot it has so much oil in it. Guess who bit the dust and slipped in the tub this morning? Guilty! My tailbone hurts but my feet look great.

**I hate charlie horses- or leg cramps. I have had them three nights in a row. I need to eat more bananas.

**If you were eating ice cream with me- I would order pralines and cream.

**My dermatologist name is Dr. Slaughter. I see him tomorrow. Does that make you nervous? It does me.

**I often switch thoughts in the middle of conversations. Only a handful of my friends understand this and can flow with my random brain.

**I re-fold towels that my husband or kids have folded. See I need to let things go- I can't. Today I told myself to let the towels go and caught myself being transported into the bathroom to re-fold. I wonder if there is anti-folding medicine. I need to check into it.

**I don't get Nascar. Will they pay me huge amount of money to drive in circles around my neighborhood? If so I am in!

Okay- now that I have my random thoughts out of my head I get head off to bed. Good Night Bloggy Buddies. I have to read your blogs tomorrow. I am so behind.


Riss said...

Yay. You are back! =) I have missed you and all your crazy posts. *Hugs* You are THE BEST!

Girly Muse said...

I love you and your thoughts. :) You've got an awesome brain.

Jeanine said...

Don't feel bad, I re-fold towels too!
Sometimes I wonder about myself.
Love your blogs.

Jeanine Blake

Michelle Palmer said...

I don't even know you (really) but I think I love you. :) I love your blogs...what a use of language you have. The part about your daughter wanting an orphanage gave me goose bumps...I hope that my children complete some of the dreams I had before life took over. I want them to go further, accomplish more and be the happiest that they can be!
Thanks for all your words.