Monday, June 08, 2009

Birthdays, Scooter Girl, and Goodbyes


So I am officially 41 now. I know crazy isn't it? I had a great birthday. Notes from friends near and far, gifts, edible arrangements and more. I am blessed to have all of you in my life. 41 is the perfect number for me right now.

I did go to the DR and have my first physical in my life. I was crazy scared- and not wanting to go- but knew I should. I got a shot- yeah, blood work- yahoo, and then called back to say I had an infection- more gladness (Not).

I had to speak at the ladies meeting that night and got ready for that. God filled two with the Holy Ghost during the ladies meeting so that was my Birthday Gift from God- seeing two babies come to HIM!!

The ladies at ALC are so sweet to me- they had a little surprise party and I got gifts galore, and cake too. What more can a 41 year old want?

Scooter Girl-

Emma is crazy about her scooter- I think I have told you about this already. I daily sing a song to her called- "Scooter Girl". It is basically da na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Scooter Girl- sang to the tune of the original "Bat Man" melody. Then she ends it out with saying "Girl". I then proclaim loudly-

Warrior of the woodland- struggling against extreme odds, battling mountain lions, rattle snakes, all of this for the satisfaction of a job well done- its "Scooter Girl". She loves it.

I then sing the same tune to Seanna and call her Computer Girl- but she does not love it as much. Oh well.

So on Thursday- I was on a very serious phone call to an MK on my front porch. When I have calls that need to remain confidential, or are serious I sit on my white rocker out front. Emma burst out the door in her high heel sandals, a white spaghetti strap sun dress and has taken her top pony tail holder out. She has timed the arrival of the high school bus perfectly. As the neighbor girls pour out (two of them did her hair while I was in the Dominican Republic). She stands close enough to the bus to be seen, raises her hands in the air, and sways back and forth. I am not sure if she was praying, singing or what. I know that she DID want them to comment on how cute she looked- and they did not. She then opened up the garage door, and got out her scooter- determined to do a drive by just to make sure they saw her. I then have to ask the person on the phone to excuse me while I talk to my daughter. I quietly YELL at her that she can not ride her scooter down there in high heels. She was quite shocked, embarrassed, and freaking out that I was there. She had no clue I was on the front porch the whole time. So if you have any emergencies. Please call....I will send Scooter Girl to your rescue!


I was talking to my brother on the phone today and I told him that I am suffering from "Move-heimers" this is alzheimers based on moving. You might have this is all of your conversations involve tape, boxes, or bubble wrap. If you tell someone something and then ask them what you just said. These are all signs. I currently am being treated for this condition.

Last night I actually got all of my pictures from downstairs wrapped in bubble wrap- yeah!! I only stopped twice to pop bubble wrap. I had to stop myself noting that I was causing myself money the more I popped them!

We pack the truck on Sunday and will either depart late Sunday- if we are brave- or early on Monday- if we are little chickens- which I think we are. I am the cute kind of chicken though- sometimes called a chick. :)

Yesterday was Teacher Appreciation Sunday and Promotion Sunday at church. I was so happy and yet so sad all in one service. Happy that God has done so much in this church- so sad to say goodbye to my little Sunday School buddies, and all of my friends. We had an awesome service yesterday and two were filled with the Holy Ghost. Last night was a graduation party. Wednesday night will be our last service here. Not to be corny or anything (who am I kidding pass the salt and the butter please) but I am so thankful that Matthews has been added as a chapter in my life. I have learned so much here, and gleaned lifetime friends. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us in the future. Yet- My heart breaks to say goodbye. I am not going to think about it until I drive out. I had a mild panic attack last night (really - a real one) as I left the church. I had to call a minister in VA to pray with me on the phone. I hate goodbyes- I am an MK - what do you expect.

This week-

Today I have worked- yeah- I actually have a working computer- and then ran to get more boxes- I know shocker- see how stimulating this blog is- how many times can I type boxes in one blog?




Okay I will stop being annoying.


I still don't have an address because we are not sure where we are going. If our house does not rent before we leave- we will be going to my Mom and Dad's house in Mayflower. If the house does rent- we will be moving into a house in Cabot. I will keep you all posted.

Okay- I am off to pack more- BTW Blood work came back- and everything is normal. The only thing they could not find was my brain :)


Danan said...

Have I told you lately that you are one of my favorite marbles! Hope you day and packing are going great!

Kathy McElhaney said...

Happy belated BDay - I read it on your blog last week and promptly forgot... that's what you have to look forward to when you turn 45!

Love the Holy Ghost gifts! We have had 12 new babies since last Wednesday (hmmm is that a Holy Ghost litter?) and I am bouncing off the walls with excitement!! So cool seeing God at work.

I love Scooter Girl! I was Skateboard Girl, trying to keep up with my brothers at that age!

On my list of least favorites things: Goodbyes. Praying for you while you pack, that your house will rent, that your journey will be fun and peaceful.

As a teenager, Mom would always say, "Be careful and have fun." I always thought the two were mutually exclusive... And after I wrote "fun and peaceful" I had the same thought!

Peace in your heart, fun on the road!

Renee said...

You are so special! No need to try to read between the lines, you are transparently honest. Thanks for sharing your life with us; I no longer feel like the lone ranger! I'm praying for you...strength for the packing, the moving, and the goodbyes. Love you!