Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things I have forgotten about the Dominican Republic.....

1. It is hot here.

2. There is little to no air conditioning!

3. You always hear road noise.

4. It is hot here.

5. Every time your car stops at the stop light some is trying to sell you various items ranging from goldfish in tanks, hula hoops, puppies, oranges, peanuts, guava, mango, cell phone charges, cell phone covers, etc.

6. The people are so warm and wonderful.

7. I still can communicate in Spanish. It like clicks when I get back here. When I am in the US I don't use it AT ALL. Last night and today- understood and spoke some. Strange but true.

8. The lines of motorcycles that are taxis waiting to be rented. Seeing three to four people on one motorcycle = normal.

9. Converting money in your head constantly. Multiplying all prices by 3 to get the actual price.

10. There are NO FREE refills of drinks anywhere else but in the US :)

11. Traffic- this is a blog in itself. The tiny little mini vans and trucks that looks like they are Tonka trucks, the way that two lanes becomes a super highway, and the way that everyone pulls in front of you without fear or dread!

12. How everyone waits until you put the trash outside and then runs to go through it!

13. You don't drink the water while brushing your teeth, taking a shower (who does that anyway). My job used to always be to fill the ice trays etc. I went right back to it today without a second thought!

These are the things that I have forgotten about life here- but now that I am here- it all is normal again- isn't it strange how your brain works.

I love love love it here- Do I have to leave? Yes- the girls and John are at home- Otherwise- you might have to fight me!

Love you blogging buddies!


Paula said...

Sounds like fun!!!! Just soak it all up, girl!

Girly Muse said...

have a wonderful time!!! love you.

Vicki said...

so glad you are enjoying your self

Christopher Brainos said...

Number 10 is SO true!! And when you only get a 30cl (?) drink with your meal, you have to be careful with it!

amberle said...

OMW!! Sounds like Africa!! Off to have a moment.....Love ya!