Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday Weekend, Scooter Girl, and Early Morning Flights

I am currently sitting at the Miami airport- for the next 7 hours waiting for my flight to Santo Domingo. I am going to work and hang out I guess ????

Seanna turned 10 this weekend. I am so proud of her. She is such a grown-up ten-ager. She really applies herself to everything that she does. She gets straight A's and is in gifted classes in her school. Even more importantly she loves God and really is sensitive to HIM! She is my sweetie and I love her, love her , love her! We went to Olive Garden with John's sister and brother in law and our nephew. Her birthday was actually on Sunday and we had church. We went to Zaxbys with friends and then came home. That night we had a meeting. So we told her that Saturday was her day of celebration.

Emma has suddenly taking a HUGE liking to her scooter. She is not really coordinated with it- and comes in daily with new areas of pavement burn or cuts and scrapes on her legs. On Friday she had a huge patch of road burn and did not even cry. She said - Mom is is just a part of my sport. I have to know that that. Smile. She is so cute flying down the road with her pig-tails following her. I now call her scooter girl.

My flight left out at 6:10 this morning to Miami. A friend of ours offered to spend the night before and then take me to the airport. Really I am not used to such extravagance. Last night we had a torrential shower. She forgot that her sun-roof was open so today we had soggy seats. We rolled into the airport with about 4 beach towels per seat. I think I was sitting on Tinkerbell, Strawberry Shortcake, and frogs. I made it to the gate just as they were boarding. I hate cutting it that tight. I had not counted on the 20 mile long security line or the man who was checking in a dog in front of me. The lady checking him in had never checked in a dog before and took 15 minutes (yes I did time it but refused to huff) maybe I did a tiny bit.

When I got to Miami we took the wonderful shuttle bus to the terminal- the bus was full, people pushing, shoving etc. I ran to the bathroom and was next in line. As I went to the next stall a larger than life lady quickly pushed me to the side- as in with her hands and went into the stall. I said- "Are you for real?" You could have just asked for it if you needed it that bad. She had already shut her stall. She opened her stall and glared at me and slammed it shut again. I then got the giggles as I always do at inappropriate times and was seeing myself having a shakedown in the Miami airport bathroom.

I hope you all had a great weekend. What a quick Memorial Day.

Love you all- Next blog will be from Santo Domingo.


Paula said...

LOL Okay, between this and your Facebook status, I am having a serious laughing spell. I really should get out more...all the fun stuff happens to you. :D :D

Hope the rest of your trip is UNEVENTFUL! :)

Vonnie said...

So wish I was with you to giggle at the lady in the bathroom. Have a good trip.

Paula said...

Yeah, "Bonnie", we would have had a blast with her at the airport, huh? :O)