Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The sound of their prayers.....

I love to hear the sound of my two girls


But the my favorite sound is the sound of their prayers. I hope that when I get old they can say one thing about me- My Mom taught us how to pray.

Both of my girls are so sensitive to God- both in unique ways. Emma I think has the gift of intercession. She reminds me of myself at that age. Seanna on the other hand I feel has the gift of faith. She is so solid, so absolute- if God said it- he will do it.

Nightly we pray

For our families
Our friends
For those that are in need
A close friend of our family is starting treatment soon.
For Barb and Steve Willoughby (Emma calls them the Willerbees)
For Greyley and Indigo (Emma has added them both to her nightly prayers)
For our house to sell
This week for Pastor Lesh Johnson- a friend who was in a horrible accident this week.
For Jessica Black's husband- Jimmie Bowen
and others.....

So many needs.

The other night Emma said wait Momma. I am trying to get tears to come out but I am so tired. Do you think that Jesus knows that I want the tears to come out? I think my tears are already asleep. I said I think that Jesus totally understands Emma.

Seanna prays for something and it is done. There is no need to beg, plead, repeat, question- it is over- God will do it.

They both have taught me so much about prayer, about compassion, about crying out to Him. You see each day the best sound that I can hear from either of them is the sound of their prayers. The sound of them calling out to God.

God make them Godly Women
May they always know to go to you first
To seek you daily
Use them in a mighty way
To touch others lives
Make them women of faith
of prayer
of purpose
seal their hearts in you
Help them to be leaders of their generation
To walk unabashedly in your presence.


Girly Muse said...

Thank God for those beautiful girls. They are beautiful inside and out. What sweet, compassionate people you're growing there.

Kathy McElhaney said...

You may have not meant it this way, but this sounds like your Mother's Day post. I read the heart of a loving mother in this and it's beautiful! There's no greater gift a mother can give then to teach her children to pray.

amberle said...

I agree....I don't have kidsof my own,but I have a lot of kids....there is no greater sound than a child praying....none at all.