Monday, February 09, 2009

There is a pig in our attic!!!

When Seanna was 4-5 years old she was convinced that there was a pig that lived in our attic. I don't know why. But she was not afraid of it- it was her "friend".

I would walk into her room and she would be talking to the "pig", showing it pictures from her DK picture books, singing to it etc. She even told the pig "good night" when she went to sleep.

She later forget about the "pig" in the attic.

I reminded her about this a couple of weeks ago when Emma was on some imagination adventure and Seanna was shaking her head at her.

Emma now has a princess pig room. That is what she wanted for her 7th birthday. I don't know what is is with my kids and pigs.

Maybe because my grandparents had a farm in WI? It skipped a generation and went to them.

Anyway- the pig in the attic was all brought up because My Mom and Dad have had the winter of "friends" visiting their home.

Let me preface this by saying that they live in St. Peters, MO right out side of St. Louis. They live in a neighborhood not in a farming area.

So they have had

A Raccoon in their basement
A couple of squirrels in their basement
A possum in their basement
A bird in their house
and a chipmunk in their house in Little Rock

I told Mom she must be Snow White - or an animal whisperer. They finally found out (while they had company staying at their house) that they had a tiny hole under their deck that the animals were using to get in.

I imagine the chagrin to many animals as they closed that hole. I don't have a basement and I can't imagine having a possum in it.

I was laughing about this with Mom the other day and she reminded me that I was the one that lived with a pig in my attic for years. Give me Seanna's pig any day!


cltgrace said...

Funnn-EEE girl. Now, this is pork I don't mind reading about. Hey, my sis lives in St. Peter's. How often do you go to visit? It's not but a hop, skip & jump for me to go to my sister's from Chi-town. I'd make a special visit if I knew you were coming to St Louie~ :o)

Girly Muse said...

oh my goodness. i have some animal stories myself, but i can't say i have any about pigs!!! i'm pretty thankful for that. but think it's hilarious that you do. :)

your girls sound SO fun.

Amy said...

I was informed by my oldest that I am going to marry a pig farmer so she can have all the animals she wants.