Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Dizzy Mommy...

That is the sound that I woke up to at 4 AM. Then clunk. Seanna with a high fever fell face forward in my bathroom. I helped her get up, took her to the bathroom and took her temperature. 102.9. I got medicine, took cold washcloths and put them on her head, and put her in my bed. She tossed and turned until 6 when I got out of bed with Emma.

Emma went to school alone- sad, and lonely. She thought she might need to stay at home with her sister. I said that is what Mommas are for. She ran to her room to get her favorite monkey and gave it to Seanna. She looked at me and said are you sure you can do this Mom?

I took her in to the DR at 8:45 to find that she has bronchitis. They both have had colds the past two weeks. Emma's went into walking pneumonia (she is all better now) and Seana's into bronchitis. I left the Dr to head for Target to get more medicine. I thanked the Lord on the way for insurance.

I brought her home- made a bed for her on the couch. Changed her into Pjs and get her cold liquids for her hot little lips to drink. She has been there all day. She requested popsicles after Emma got home. John is working from home this afternoon so I ran to get them for her. I then quickly ran through the drive through and got her a McFlurry. She was McHappy to see it when I got home. She still is burning up- 102.1. I freak out when they have fevers. I watch them breathe, their heartbeat. I have gotten about 1 hours worth of work done today.

I just sat down to work and she called me again. I told John I will work tonight when she sleeps. I Hate it when they are sick.

On to you.....

Did you know that the LORD cares for you on a daily basis more than you do over your kids when they are sick? He watches over you, shields you, thinks about you, has you imprinted on the front of his mind. He has your picture on his fridge, he carries your latest in his wallet, and brags on you to the angels. He thinks you are pretty incredible.

He guards you
He shields you
He waits for you to rest
He watches as you grow weary
as you fumble
and stands ready to steady you
He is only a whisper away
Some days he feels near
Some days far
But he is a breath away
Watching out
and leading you

Thank you Jesus for being so amazing- for being the best Parent in the world. For loving me. May I just be 1/2 of the parent to my two little ones that you are to me.

I love you bloggy buddies. I need to run - Fever girl needs me.


Kathy McElhaney said...

Girl! As my 7 year old niece would say, "What in the world?!" I can't believe walking pneumonia and bronchitis in the same week.
Praying that Thing 1 will feel as well as Thing 2 very soon! (Loved the pics)
I think you're an awesome McMommy for getting a McFlurry!!
Love you and I'm praying! Hold on, Spring is coming...

Tracie Smith said...

Hope she's all better soon! :)

cltgrace said...

Awww...sick kids break my mama heart. Feel better soon!

Girly Muse said...

oh man. that's so rough. i hope her fever finally broke today.

so sweet how emma loves her. :)

saying prayers for seanna. and you. too many heavy duty sicknesses for one mama.

love you!