Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Monday........???

Is it a happy Monday for you?

It is for me- I have two kids- yes count them two in school today. Yahoo!! Emma went to school. Done with the ear infection. Done with the walking pnemonia. I felt free like a bird today. I even read my Bible on the front porch on my rocker....ALL BY MYSELF!!!!

One of the things that jumped out at me was Jon 1:35-42

Jesus turned and looked at them following him and said- "What are you looking for?" They said to Him, "Rabbi....Where are You staying?" (V 38)

Do you want to be where he is today? What do you need him to do in your life?

At this season in your life, what do you need the most?

1. Preparation for a fresh work?
2. Repair from a tear?
3. Restoration from a fall?

He CAN provide all of that for you.


On a MK Ministries note I am excited about a new thing we are going to start up this week. It is called 10 questions 1 face. It is a MK feature area. To start this off this week we are going to be presenting.....Kandra Robertson. So many of our MKs have so much going for them. I am proud of all of them. I want each face to tell their story- and for others to get to know them and love them as well.


On a funny Emmanism here is the latest. When I took Emma to the Dr on Thursday and they figured out she had walking pnemonia.... they had to take blood to figure it all out. When the Dr left the room Emma got up started screaming (I kid you not) stamping her feet and grabbing her coat all at once. I told her to calm down and asked what was going on.


I could hear the nurse giggling outside of my door. I picked her up. Hugged her. Put her back on the table and told her it would not be bad. That if the nurses were that mean to kids the Police would lock them all up- and since they were free she could handle it. She would not calm down.

The nurse came in and she started flopping everywhere. I hugged her around her whole body (I was really holding her down). I prayed over her for peace, told her funny stories about Joe our former overweight Dashchund as the nurse pricked her finger. She said when is he going to do this? It is taking forever. I said Emma it is already done. She didn't even feel it.

Already done? Momma why didn't you tell me it was going to be a breeze? How could you let me think it would be so hard? I said Emma.....YOU thought it was going to be hard. The tears dried up in a flash. She sat up, straightened up her skirt, arranged her jacket and looked at me square in the eyes and said- but you still owe me a HUGE prize from Target. I said you will get one ......from the Dollar Section. She gave me the worst look of all looks and I quickly said- I'm kidding. How about a pet shop?


I thought about her behavior at the DRs office yesterday in my prayer time with God. How many times have I lost it with the lord? How many times have I gotten out of control while I was fearful. Times when I thought situations in my life were the worst in the world? When it passed I asked the Lord- when he was going to prune that out of my life- and he looked down on me and said- remember when I was holding you? That is when it was done.

I have been doing a lot of screaming lately. Not the kind that anyone can hear- but silent screams to the Him. I have caused a lot of commotion in his presence, have been talking quite a bit, have wanted HIM to calm me down. He has. All the while he was working on me. His hands were so gentle, his love so great- I didn't recognize his loving touch had changed me.

Does this mean that a huge Pet Shop is coming in my direction? I sure hope so. I have had my eyes on some!

Happy Monday Peeps. Love you like a lizard loves his lips-



cltgrace said...

Me, tooo - I've got to ruminate on this for awhile. Back later with a comment worthy to share.

Paula said...

Hope you get your Pet Shop! :O)

Thanks for making me laugh...and think. Love ya!

Girly Muse said...

beautiful blog, my friend. i do love to read your writing.

you encouraged me. i've been fussing at God a little myself. this was a nice gentle reminder that i need to pause and see that it's not really as bad as i thought.

love you.