Friday, February 06, 2009

The Squirmy winner is.......

First Place: Tiffany Bracken

You know how it is when someone offers you something to eat and then stands there to see if you eat it? And it never fails to be something that I totally would never choose to eat on my own. Squirmy! Or worse, you do not know what they are offering you!

#2- Arriving at a function and not knowing where to go or sit! I hate those awkard moments when you are standing there and you feel that everyone is looking at you!

Second Place: Lori Sabin

#1 I get squirmy when someone says something rude to me and i get splotchy from head to toe. my squirmy-ness gives me away, hangs me out to dry and that makes me squirmier. squirmier, hmm, nice word.

#2 When someone else has food in their teeth, but won't stop talking for me to let them subtly know, i get squirmy.

also, when i know I have something in my teeth, but can't stop talking to subtly get it out, i get squirmy.

Tiffany you need to email me- I don't know how to get you a $15.00 Target card in Taiwan :)

Lori- your Target gift card is on the way!!

Stay posted for this weeks challenge!!

Disclaimer: No animals were hurt during the judging of the squirmy contest. All rights reserved. All wrongs revenged!


Girly Muse said...

cylinda!!! oh my word!!! thank you so much!!!!

i never win things!!! :)

so sweet, thank you. something. GREEN. in. your. teeth...

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Serious? I won? This reminds me of another squirmy moment. You know, when someone give you something and you are very happy to get it, but you don't want to seem too happy because then you might be mistaken for greedy? But I am indeed very happy. Thanks!!!

You can just mail me a gift card from Target in America. I think I will get to come back to the States in May to see my family and can use it then! My Taiwan address is:
Tiffany Bracken
P.O. Box 900
Kaohsuing, Taiwan R.O.C.

Once again, I love your blog! So many times I can absolutely relate to what you are saying.