Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What do Gold-Fish Murderings, Science Museum attending, and Holly, Barry, and Gary the Reindeer Hunter have in common?

They all represent my crazy weekend. I will have to finish this in a second- I am out the door to go to Seanna's concert....back in a jiff

Okay I am not back in a JIFF but I am back. So sorry. Seanna had her concert last night. I guess I am the bad parent who wants to bolt after their kid is done singing? Or maybe everyone feels that way and just doesn't type it out loud :) She did great shaking her maraca and singing Feliz Navidad half heartily.

Okay.....So Christopher Brainos- MK to France spent the weekend with us. He came in very late on Friday night- actually very early on Saturday morning. Saturday- we went to the science museum all because the Pompeii exhibit was there. When we went to pay- I found out it was $20.00 to go to the museum- and then $20.00 more to see the Pompeii exhibit. I multiplied that in my head times five and realized- that hey- we can go home and read books about Pompeii. The girls had a great time in the science exhibit and the IMAX. I of course am the dork Mom that tells them to hold unto handrails until they get to the seat....to not lean over etc. John reminds me that they are 7 and 9 and really don't need to hear that anymore. Much less that loudly!

I had to run to the restroom before we went in ...and there I encountered a different lady. I think that she was homeless. She was clean and nice looking- but very strange. She had several layers of gloves on. She was staring at me while I was washing my hands and she said "I am sorry I didn't hear you" I said what? "She said I didn't hear what you were saying to me" I said, "I did not say anything to you" She said "I clearly heard your voice" I said, "No I didn't say a word". She then kept looking at me shaking her head up and down. Ready to leave I helped Emma to the fastest hand washing experience of her lifetime.

Before I forget. They had Pompeii facts on the bathroom stall walls. The custom in ancient Rome was to sit on a "toilet" which was behind a running river. Each "toilet" had a sponge attached to a stick. One would wipe themselves with the stick- then rinse it in the stream- and lay it there for the next person to use. Kind of gives the "I love my Charmin" a whole new meaning huh?

We left there to eat dinner and to get props for the Three skits that we were doing for the next day's Christmas Banquet.

We were planning three skits for the banquet. The first skit was John and Christopher doing a mall survey to Paula Ettienne (a lady in our church from St. Croix) and myself speaking Cruzan to them. Since I was raised in the islands I spoke Cruzian all of my life. I used to get spanked if I talked that way in the house- but could do whatever in the yard- as my mother was determined I was to speak proper English. Anyway the whole skit was based on the fact that they couldn't understand us and trying to translate it into different things.

The Second skit was John and Christopher having lunch on a park bench.

They laterally did it just like this. So we had to have two dead fish. We bought sardines- and their heads were cut off in the can. Thank you very much. So on Sunday Afternoon- we went to Wal-mart to either buy two dead fish or to buy two fish to kill them. I did not take Emma on this trip on purpose :) When we get there- there is no one in sight that had a blue vest on. We called for a worker and waited and waited and waited. When the worker arrived- we pointed out two fish that we though were dead and said that we wanted them. The worker said you want to buy dead fish? I said yes- we do - he touched them and said sorry they are alive. I said well we are going to have to feed them to something (JOHN) so it was fine if they were dead or alive. By this time there was a man and his son watching us. The man was like what are you feeding them to? Do you have a Parana? I ignored him. The son starts going ballistic...How can you kill those fish? What are they going to do with them? How could anyone ever kill a fish? The Dad finally left with his son who was loosing it. We got our two fish and left. Christopher and Seanna wanted to know how we would kill them- I said that John would have to do that. Turns out fish live a lot longer out of water than you would think :)

For the last skit we did Holly (Cylinda), Barry (John), and Gary the Reindeer hunter (Christopher). We horribly sang many songs including a Kripsy Kreme Montage, A love song sang from John to myself "If my nose was running money- I'd blow it all on you", and I sang about my miracle (miracle whip for my sandwich) and ended with Revival. We did not bring the down :) but laughs were heard.

I drove Christopher back to Southern Pines, NC on Monday. He was a great sport. I gave my camera to a guy from our church. He took about 200 of them- so I will post a couple so you can see our wonderful outfits! We were styling (not).

ANYWAY- I hope you all had a great weekend too. Remember today to stop and thank the Lord for the small things- like toilet paper- cause a sponge just won't do!


Paula said...

Please....the suspense is killing me!!! :O)

This should be good...

Vonnie said...

Is this the same Gary as "Dang it Gary"????/

Paula said...

LOL That is too funny, Cylinda!!!! Sounds like a fun weekend...goldfish murdering and all.