Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Santa, This is Baby Jesus"

So this year since we are going to Orlando for Christmas- I am not decorating. I have not bought a tree. I am not buying gifts for my immediate family, My Mom and Dad, or for my brother and his family. Our gift is we get to see each other as a family -RARE INDEED- and we get to be with each other in Orlando for a week.

Having said that I have bought over 180 gifts thus far for MK Ministries, ALC Kids, Sunday School Teachers, MK Prayer Pals, extended family and friends. I am DONE with shopping.

So back to the story- since I am not decorating-I have not pulled out the kids favorite decoration- the Fisher Price Nativity set (we have a nice one but they like that one better). This past Sunday I pulled it out as I needed to use it for Kids Church. After church it was laying on the living room floor. Emma went into the container and dug up her Santa and Mrs. Claus set that has two gifts and Reindeer. She also had out all of the Polly Pockets.

I walked buy as she had the nativity scene set up and was introducing Baby Jesus to Santa. Jesus was in the manger and Santa was being held in her hands. She said "Santa, this is baby Jesus" - he is the real reason we have Christmas. She later set up all of the Polly Pockets to come by and meet Jesus, and then Santa. It was kind of like a walk by (instead of a drive by)!

It reminded me of when she was little and we were in Costco shopping during the Christmas Season. I think she was around 3 at the time. Three Muslum ladies walked by in full covering. Emma LOUDLY proclaims- Mama look- There are Mary Joseph and Baby Jesus Girls. I quickly clasped my hand on her mouth but I still think they heard her. I pushed the cart as fast as I could about 4 aisles down. Put my head down and laughed so hard I was crying. She said "What is wrong Mama?" I said "Nothing Emma, I just needed to laugh."

So this year- don't forget the real meaning of Christmas. I was telling John about this and he said well at least she had it in the right order- She knew the real reason for season :)

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Bonnie Jean said...

LOL - I just LOVE kids! Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus...*shakes head* heeheehee...