Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thorns and Mercy

So yesterday my parents were still here. John came home at lunch and said- "I have a new blog for you."

I said, "YOU have a blog for ME?"

This amazed me as John doesn't get why I HAVE to write or I will explode sometimes.

He said, "Yes a blog. Thorns and Mercy. You need to write about their connection."

I said, "Thorns and mercy?"

He said "Yes!"

He would not go on- and told me to figure it out. So I began to rack my brain. I thought he couldn't have been talking about the time when I fell backwards into the acacia bush in St. Croix. What is he talking about? Thorns in the Bible? Maybe he was saying I was HIS thorn in the Flesh :)

I began to think about the death of Jesus. At the very time when he could have shown himself as king, the very time that he was justified in being angry at his accusers, at his betrayers, at even his friends that left his side. What did he do? What did he do as they shoved a crown of thorns on his head? He showed Mercy.

He asked the Father to FORGIVE THEM for he vindicated them by saying- God they don't know what they are doing. Please for my sake show them mercy- they don't understand even their own actions right now.

I cried while I prayed this morning as a fresh love for HIS death for me flooded over my soul. The stripes that he took on his back, the thorns that pressed sharply into his head, the taunting that he heard in his ears, the scorn that he saw with his very eyes- all of this for you and I. He was not powerless- he just showed mercy by yielding himself to a higher power.

I dare say that I need to show mercy when receiving thorns. How many times have I had a quick retort when others have been critical? How many times have I wanted to lash out when others didn't understand the path I was taking. How many times have I wanted to cut someone out of my life when I found it too painful to go on? The power is in the mercy.

Over the past few months. I have had some close friends that have gone through some very hurtful things. Some of them have felt alone, ridiculed, talked about, miss understood, some were so weary they couldn't even question. Today I urge you to take all of it. All of the thorns, the hurt, the pain, the questions and lay it at his feet. I know this because I am running there with you.

What will we find there? Understanding, love, healing, wholeness. For what others have tried to strip off of you -will be replenished with one touch of the masters hand. His mercy will wash over you.

There is a process of thorns and mercy in all of our lives. I think the Lord allows them to see how quickly we react to the process. Do you cling to the thorns? Do you allow them to fester? Do you think less of yourself? Or do you run to him? The quicker your run to him-the quicker the victory comes.

The power is in the mercy.

Jesus you are king
You have the healing anointing
You are the Lord Strong and mighty in battle
Let the king of glory into your life


amberle said...

Wow, Cylinda, this was amazing! If only I could have known all of tis several years ago. God is so good isn't He???


Cylinda Nickel said...

You and I both. The simpleness of his grace is lost on our frantic searching for the significant- all the while it is right in front of us!

Tracie Smith said...

Ok, gotta admit this is an awesome post BUTTTTTT is this what your husband was referring to??? Little details drive me nuts. I want to know what John was referring to.....Tell him to write a blog! lol

Cylinda Nickel said...

Tracie- Our minds must have merged after 10 1/2 years of wedded bliss- that is what he was talking about :)

Paula said...

Cylinda, this ties right in with the patience lesson from "Living Beyond Yourself". As Beth says: there are some people God brings into our life to "bring out the worst" in us...they are called to bring us patience! It's not easy to learn to show mercy when being pricked by thorns!

Great blog!