Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some friends....are worth getting up at 6 am for....and others not so much

So this morning I had the great opportunity to meet with my friend Lyn. Lyn works at World Network of Prayer and is over the Kids Prayer department.

She is incredible- a breath of fresh air! She loves the color orange, loves children, loves prayer, what more could you want in a person?

She is a friend that I value so much I would get up at 6 AM just to meet her for breakfast. Others- Not so much. It was so great in the quietness of the early morning to meet, drink coffee, eat from the breakfast buffet, and just talk. It was the great start to a great day. I thought today how grateful I am that God throughout the years has sent special ray of sunshine friends into my life.

She actually gets my sense of humor, has a burden for missions, and did I mention her favorite color is orange too? Conference is off to a great start- Friends, coffee, and time to work on another connection with MK Ministries and Kids Prayer!


Lynnard said...

Aweee I feel the same way which is why since I am not a morning person I was up at 6:30 am :) It was great to meet and talk and not have to rush to something. I got in the van to go set up and the girls said they wished they could be as happy in the morning as I was. If only they had a good friend such as yourself to meet they might be happy as well. Be on the look out for the new orange jacket. I still haven't figured out when I am going to wear it. :)

Paula said...


Sounds like fun!

I agree though, not everyone is worth getting up at 6 am for. Thank the Lord for "6 am friends"!

Vicki said...

aww, I love orange (also my fav color), I love coffee, and I LOVE LYN!!!!!!!!!!! I love Cylinda too!