Monday, September 22, 2008

I want more!

So I sit in my house and I type. Why do I type? Because I am behind on many e-devotionals for the MKs. That is you- or maybe not you if you are reading this in blog world.

I sat and reflected on a conversation that I had with my former manager at Cassis Travel Services. While she was living in New York- a studio apartment was 1800.00 monthly. That was for two rooms. Your every belonging was within two rooms. She ended up moving to LA where things were still pricy but you had more room. She wanted more for her life. So spread her wings. She took a risk, she left her job- but she discovered more.

I can recall a time when I was about 10 years old in St. Croix. My Mom had taco night once a week. It was our highlight. Even though the ground beef came from grass fed cows- and was strong. We loved it. The catch- my Mom would only cook a pound of hamburger for all four of us to eat. This sounds like a lot- but divide that out by 12 tacos and it came to about two tablespoons per taco. My brother who was 14 and a math whiz had all of this figured out. He was the self-appointed guardian of the taco meat. One night I did not care about his rules- I wanted more meat. He of course caught me on my third spoonful and reported me to the proper authorities- my parents. How could I break the rules? Why couldn’t I just be happy with my two spoonfuls? He just couldn’t understand.

Have you ever been to a point where you are ready for more? You are done with the regular and are moving on? The Lord knew that we would feel this way- in John 10:10 he says “I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full” That is what we crave- and that is what we were made for. To want more.

Wouldn’t it be great to be free from habits that tie us down? To be placed in a ministry of serving others that you find the fulfillment that you are searching for? Wouldn’t it be great to live each day in spiritual confidence instead of doubt and fear?

Here are some of the things he wants to give us: Joy, peace, fulfillment, courage, a positive witness for him, an overcoming spirit. Think of the children of Israel. Their “more” was a land of milk and honey. It was waiting for them. At times- they could not see it because they were in the journey- but their final destination was to that “more”.

I read today of a man who was an advertising executive in St. Louis Mo. He was led to the Lord at a later age. He read the book “God’s Smugger” which was written by a christian who was working for God behind the iron curtain. He was so touched he could not stop reading the book. He then told the Lord- d if you want to use me in this capacity I will be happy to do whatever I can for you. He had that MORE spirit inside of him. Today Pat Bradley, is the founder of International Crisis Aid. He has a ministry to Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Southern Sudan, North Korea, Indonesia, and Cambodia. At the age of fifty three his life is just getting started all because of a God given desire for more.

What is God dealing with you about? What has he planted in your heart? What dreams and desires do you have that you have not seen come to pass yet? Did you know that the work that he has started in you will come to pass? Why? Because you desire More of Him and he always meets us at our level of expectation!

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