Monday, September 22, 2008

17 minutes and counting

So I HATE HOMEWORK....really I know that I don't do homework- but I might as well be doing it with the girls. They leave the house at 6:45 am and get home at 2:23 PM daily- yes I know this.

Then for TWO HOURS they do homework - and that is average.

Yesterday - Emma had a her friend Taliah over. Taliah is Emma's best friend. Taliah and her family are moving to Boston (yes the tears are flowing). So after yesterday's play date it looks like our living room has been taken over by pet shop toys. No really it has. I walked to the office this morning and about cussed in 17 languages- what was I stepping on? Some overly large-headed duck with a tiny body. I about threw it out the window.

SO I told Emma last night after church that since she had such a hard day- I would let her clean up today after she was done with her homework. That is because I am such a reasonable mother (I tell myself).

It has now been 17 minutes. She has picked up animals, she has lined them up by color, she has sang to them, she has put them in a little bus, she has played "London Bridges" with them, she has taken them on a "camping trip", she has gone to the hospital to check on the new babies that have been born, and STILL HAS NOT CLEANED UP!! I am TRYING NOT TO LOOSE IT...really I am trying but failing.

She is not playing radio disney for them in her barbie car and they are at a concert. NONE of this involves cleaning up.

I just said to her- EMMA YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE CLEANING UP. She told me Mom I am having a hard day. My best friend in the world is moving this week to Boston and I feel like Grammie just died all over again- I need more time to clean up.

Enough said. I said you have five minutes and I don't want to see another pet shop on the floor or they will all be in the trash.


Suddenly someone is in action.

I should have thought of that 18 minutes ago......


Paula said...


Try bribery -- it works every time. :O)

All cleaned up yet?

Tracie Smith said...

ha ha...sounds like you have a smart little girl!

Vicki said...

aww porr Emma!