Tuesday, September 16, 2008


And I don't mean the song.

I have had a fever -well I key word HAD.

I have not been sick much this year at all- HALLELUJAH. In fact the last time I was to the Dr was in January when I wanted a referral to go to the dermatologist to get more lovely skin cancer removed.

So last Tuesday I got the fever, aches, chills, etc and it hit me with a bam. Tylenol and friends did not help by Friday I relented and went to the Dr. He said I had a sinus infection and bronchitus. So he gave me a z-pack. By Sunday- I was still with a fever and upset about it. I cried asking the Lord to take it away as I can't function with it and Colleen Carter- missionary to Ghana was on her way the next day-

That night the Lord had a Pastor in another state to call me while driving with his wife. He prayed over me and I kid you not- while he was praying for me the fever broke and I started sweating and rejoicing immediatly.

Thank the LORD- he is so good and merciful. I'll tell you what. It gives you a whole new compassion for those who are sick for a legnth of time at home- or have terminal illnesses.

Okay enough of my serious chat for today-

I have so much to blog about from August on- that is a month and 1/2 worth of stuff.

Will I ever get caught up?

Will my blogs ever be regular?

Does this sound like an old time radio program?

Tune in to see!

Love you bloggie buddies!!



Paula said...

Yeah, you're BAAAAAACK! :)

Sorry you were sick...glad you're feeling better. Missed ya!

Tracie Smith said...

I'm glad you are feeling better!

Cylinda Nickel said...

You all are so sweet!! Love you both!