Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Emma-ism for today

Emma is sitting here and I kept hearing a spitting noise over and over. I was like what are you doing?
Seanna: She is spitting on Eric and Emily’s hair (her American Girl Doll twins) to make their hair move where she wants it too…..
Why do I get the gross kid? I am trying not to vomit
Emma: Mom I am just trying to make their hair look good- Can I use your camera to take their picture?

She had picture day today and came home with a huge strand on the side of her hair pulled out of her pony tail
Cylinda: Please tell me why you did that?
Emma: All of the fashion girls do that
Cylinda: Did you have it like that for your picture?
Emma: I don't remember Mom- it was a long time ago
It was about two hours before. I dread seeing her second grade pictures!


Riss said...

Omigoodness... I totally remember that lonely strand of hair... But I think it didn't hit the "fashion girls" until I was in 5th grade...

Danan said...

Too funny...
I'm so glad you're finding time to blog again. I so missed your blogs!!!

Vicki said...

ok, so Emma is my inspiration right now ... I love that she and I feel quirky and that we are in our own little world!