Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The scary puppets.....letting go!

The Scary puppets

So brief recollection of what has been going on with us

Month of April- every available night at John’s Moms cleaning out everything

April 27th- John’s Mom’s Yard Sale

May 28th-May 2nd- going through our house for Yard Sale items

May 2nd-4th- Laurissa Wolfram with us

May 3rd- ALC Kids Yard Sale

May 6th-9th Painters at our house (whole house torn apart)

May 9th- Get ready for Mothers day Brunch

May 10th- Mothers Day Brunch/Get new car

May 11th- Mothers Day- Sick

May 12th- Sick

May 13th- John is sick at home

That is a brief summary as to why I can’t seem to stop and blog lately J

Anyway- While going through things for the yard sale I came across these scary puppets that my Dad bought for me about 12 years ago. Their mouths do not move – they are tiny hand puppets. Then I had two sets of marionettes that I had never used either.

I was going to sell them then thought- no my Dad bought these for me. I can’t. Then I was like- these puppets are not my relationship with my Dad. They are not the measure of his love for me- they are puppets. LET THEM GO!!

The funny thing is – I am not a saver- I get rid of things- but I had a hard time with them. It was because I have very few things I can say- My Dad bought these for me.

Why is it so hard to let go?

Whether it's old email or a worn-out sweater, outdated files or a toxic friendship, sometimes we hold on to things for too long. They serve no purpose but to clutter our lives unnecessarily. This week, I want to challenge you to face your fear of letting go.

There are a few common fears that appear when it's time to let go of something. What are you hanging on to even though it's time to let go? Which of these pesky fears is it time to face?

· Fear that you won't have what you need in the future.

· Fear of being wrong.

· Fear of loneliness.

· Fear of regret.

Breaking through fear requires one key factor: Courage.

Courage requires faith and trust that your future will be OK without the thing you are letting go of. And you can muster up the courage to let go by coaching yourself with questions that will help you get unstuck, such as:

· What does my intuition tell me about letting go in this situation? Will I follow it?

· If the thing I fear most happens, what is my plan B?

· Who could I ask to hold me accountable and encourage me as I let go?

Perhaps these words are crossing your path this week because it's time to let go, whether it's something big or small. Make a decision. Carve out some time to do what you need to do. You can do it.

By the way, I let go of those puppets and I've never once needed them or missed them. Imagine that. I have my Dad in my life- his love for me will never change- with or without those puppets!

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