Friday, May 30, 2008

The Disobedient House!

The disobedient House

I live in the most disobedient house in the world. For Four days- count them (1,2,3,4) I have told this house. House we are having company this weekend. Get busy and clean yourself. Do you think the kitchen has been cleaned? No. Do you think the floors have vacuumed themselves? No. Do you think the Toilets have skipped over to the wonderful cleaner and spritzed? No and Nay!

What is up with that? I expect 100% cooperation. I get zero.

We got in on Monday Night- or early Tuesday Am from Little Rock. If I saw you while I was there- I loved seeing you. If I did not. I am sorry I missed you. I will be back (isn’t that from a movie)? Tuesday Night the girls HAD to go to the pool. So I traipse them down there from 7-8 PM and get hot as blazes sitting WATCHING THEM SWIM. Motherhood at that point is equal to shoving knitting needles in your eyes.

Wednesday Night Church- After- I dumped the contents of the two suitcases into the laundry room. Thurs. Night- Girls to the pool again (they need their exercise) and then the laundry STILL had not done itself. I know I need a new washer and dryer for sure now. I buy it soap- what else does it need?

Sandy (my bff) from Little Rock and her hubby and two kiddos are coming to see us this weekend. I think it maybe because on Tuesday I turn FORTY. Wow. Am I that old? In my head I am 33. Why 33? I don’t know that is what my head tells me. So I am going with that number.

SO today…..the house has one more chance to be obedient by the time I get home- I want it to be spic and span.

Hop on it! J


Paula said...

Well, let me know if you figure out the key to commanding obedience from the house!!! I'd love that secret, too. :)

Vicki said...

yeah, did it work? I need to know how to get that to happen then I could be free of house help. Now, that is rude of me huh? This poor guy needs a job and I need a clean house but I don't want people in my house every day!