Friday, May 30, 2008

Slap me some Skin- today is my last day at Cassis Travel

Wow- Where has the time gone? Today is my last day at Cassis Travel. My email will still be available there at but my primary email will be

As of Monday I am Full Time Office Manager for MK Ministries. Now slap me some skin- Woot Woot!

I am so frustrated with the new Everyones Connected- I will no longer be blogging there- I will be blogging on myspace (without pictures) and then on my blogspot.

Now before you think I have no emotions. Let me tell you I am full of them.

I hate to disappoint people

I hate goodbyes ( I am a MK for pete’s sake)

I hate change (I am a MK for pete’s sake)

Who is Pete anyway ?

So this week. Everyone has been walking into my office begging me not to leave. And on the phone- begging me not to leave and I cry when they say it. I cry because they are fun. And I LOVE FUN. If you DON”T know this about me- you don’t know me.

I went out to lunch yesterday with some of them and we laughed, and then they made me cry again. I guess I should just be glad that they are not jumping in the halls rejoicing that I am leaving J God is good.

I get to work from home- doing what I am called to do- Minister, Love, Help, work for our Missionary Kids- This is the greatest thing to happen to me since Jesus, John, the girls, and diet coke!


Danan said...

We are so excited that you are finally going to be fulltime in MK Ministries!!! You've been a great friend and encouragement to us-

Many Smiles to You!

Paula said...

Well, they may not be dancing in the halls, celebrating -- but WE ARE!!!! :) :) :)

Happy Day for the MKs!!!

Susy said...

Cylinda, I only know you through Vicki Simoneaux.....but I am so very excited to know that all the MKs will have you fulltime!!! Will be praying for your special ministry. Susy Roen

Cylinda Nickel said...

Thanks Susy- We are believing the LORD for great things!!