Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Wheelbarrow!

Have you ever been hurt?
Truly hurt?
I mean cut to the core?
Let it go!

Have you ever trusted someone?
Truly Trusted?
And they were not trustworthy?
Let it go!

Have you ever hoped against hope?
That your relationship with someone
Could be refreshed
Like the keystroke
On the computer?
Let it go!

Have you ever felt abandoned?
And then hurt all over again?
Let it go!

Where do you go?
To Him

John 10:10- I have come that you might have life- and have it to the fullest.
I can’t be full of HIM until I let go of them.

So today
In the back of my mind
I picked up some people
Put them in a wheelbarrow
And pushed them over the hill
I let them go
I can’t go pick it back up

Now I can have HIM-
I can be filled

God- help me not to try to pick up the pieces
To have the courage to let it go
Even though the pain inside of me
The insecurities that tear within me
beg me to try again with
Scotch tape- and piece it back together
The Lord says no
Live free
Let it go!


Danan said...

Honest...heart felt...We have to let go, to grow. You spoke it so beautifully.

BTW...I'm honored to be added to your blog list.

Many Smiles...Danan

Cylinda Nickel said...

R U Kidding you all are amazing!!