Thursday, April 24, 2008

Traffic Jams and thoughts of Mr. Rogers

So I am thinking while stuck in my car today for one hour and 45 minutes (huge accident alert) that what would have been so wrong with dating Mr. Rogers?

He had a neighborhood

He was versatile- he could go from dressy to casual in 30 seconds or less

He had a great sweater collection

He can hold a tune

He has jazzy sneakers

He knows how to tie his own shoes

He had a great side part

He was an ordained minister

And I bet he would have been great at parties with all of the voices he made.

Then I switched over to cleaning out my car with wet wipes

It is amazing the little white dust bunnies that are left behind with wet wipes

Then I gather all of the trash together and put it in my target trash bag

Then I organize my purse

I organize my wallet

At this point I am thinking- I want to see body parts laying on the side of the road I have sat there for so long.

Have I mentioned to you that my air does not work?

That I was wearing a sweater over my tank top?

That I used John’s Deodorant this morning cause I couldn’t find mine?

That my car was starting to smell like a pine forest from John’s deodorant- (I need to get him a new brand-yuck)

We start to move

I see the cars

No limbs on either side of the road

Just a lady standing there with her purse talking to the police

The other person still sitting in their car

My carnal side would have liked to have thrown hot coffee on them

My ½ way spiritual side was glad they were okay

After being checked by the Holy Ghost I had to be thankful they were okay and that I HAD NOT BEEN in an accident.

Now back to Mr. Rogers……Hmmmmm

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