Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Fall of death that brought life!

The fall of death that brought life.

This week I heard on the news of a man falling down an empty elevator shaft 2 ½ stories to land on another lady who had fallen before. When she fell- it rendered her unconscious so she could not call for help- etc. By him falling on her- it caused her more damage (internal bleeding from the fall) but brought her life. He had a cell phone and could call for safety for both of them.

She is now in critical condition.

This is how my life has felt at times. I have had people that I have come to emotional blows with. People that have knocked me out flat on my feet- but really were used in bringing me life.

I had a conversation today with a friend who is going through some conflict in her life. Of all people (shocker) it is a person that is in her church- in ministry with her that is bringing her pain, miss-comfort, and really some internal spiritual bleeding. As we talked we changed the subject to the fact that a lot of times the LORD allows this to bring us to the point of shape me God. Whatever you want, whatever you are doing in the crazy time is fine with me. Whatever you need. She said that she could not have imagined herself saying it before but was ready to do whatever, go wherever, and be the person he wanted her to be.

So in the spiritual- while a brother/sister in the Lord – can get under your skin- can even drive you into insanity –why not stop and say – Thank you Lord. You are bringing new life to me. I might have died on the vine with out these thorns in my next. I might have died from lack of movement. I might not have accomplished all that you want in me.

Are you going through some weights, some pressure, and some resistance in your life? This is bringing you new life. Right now you might be in the internal bleeding stage- you can hear the beeps of the machines in ICU, you may feel speechless as you are being intibated by the trying of your faith. But this is a season. When you arise you will be stronger than ever. And have a willing ear –ready to listen to his leading voice!

The fall of death was only meant to bring you life!

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Bonnie Jean said...

Sometimes this kind of pain can originate even
Most times it becomes the Mirror (of revelation)that God uses to reflect my own flaws.

Thank you for this has strengthened me.