Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Emma and Kirby

So Emma is totally consumed with caterpillars lately. When she was at the babysitter on Friday a little nest of them opened up. She has two babies living in a bug catcher. I won’t allow them in the house (I know mean Mother alert). So last night on the way to John’s Mom’s house- she was talking to the baby caterpillar I the backseat.

Hi little baby
It’s Mamma
Did you miss me?
I know you have been freezing outside in the cold-but your Grandma is very mean (that would be me-cylinda) and she won’t let you in the house.
Uh Oh- You just went poo poo on my arm. How are you going to wipe your bottom?
Do you need me to give you a leaf?
She looks for a tiny leaf
Here I will wipe your bottom.
I said do you need a wet-wipe Emma?
Emma- No Mamma- they use leaves- not wet wipes

She said and I know you think he uses a bottle and milk too but he eats crunchy leaves for water. I said- I hope it is not the one that you just wiped his little bottom on.

Emma- Gross Kirby (that is his name) you have a gross, gross, Grandma- should we pray for her?

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