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Valentines Day Card Fiasco

Valentines Day Card Fiasco

So Why is it that Valentines Day Cards are such a HUGE DEAL for kids? I remember when I was in Kindergarten and my brother was in 3rd grade that he woke up at 5 AM on Valentines Day to pick out cards- Try to find ugly ones for the girls and cool ones for the guys etc.

On Saturday- John had to work all day (along with Sunday) The girls had gotten their cards in from Current Magazine and were determined to do them. This is when I was still couch ridden and high on pain meds. They took them all out- They ordered the kind that had four animals with four packets of stickers to decorate your cards- and four people with four packets of stickers to decorate your people.

They divided all of them up- Seanna got 12 animals and 12 people.

Then Seanna folded all of hers into fourths and ripped them carefully. Emma decided she was going to just get the scissors and chop them up. This made Seanna so mad- she told Emma that she was ruining them. I ignored all of this. Then Seanna divided the four people and four animals out to make a pile of 8 cards and followed the abcd on both to find out which stickers went with which one (Up until this point in my life I thought that SAT test were hard- this was impossible)

Seanna made a list of each of her classmates. Signed her name on the cards and then put them in.

Emma on the other hand (who had chopped everything up) was now sorting them by “pretty” factor. This is so cute. This goes with this.

Seanna- No it does not – A goes with A

Emma- I don’t care

Seanna- You have to do it the right way

Emma- I want to do it the cute way

Seanna- They won’t look right when you do them

Emma- They will be cute

So I told Seanna let her do them the way she wants to – and you do them the way you want to. (again I was in pain and thumping mentally so I did not care). So ½ way through I said to Emma –who had heavily taped her envelops did you sign you name on each card? Sign my name? I have to sign my name? Ah yes Emma so they will know that they are from you.

Oh man

Well take the scissors and cut them open and then sign your name and tape them back. At this point the cards look like something found in a refugee camp that were used as placemats and napkins to refugees.

She finishes all of them and now is trying to remember who is in her class. She is asking me questions like-

You know the chubby girl in my class that has hair the color carrots and it is poofy and her mom is chubby and has the color of hair of carrots and is poofy- do you know her name?

Again- I am high on pain pills and am thinking Does Carrot Top have a sister who has a child in this class J

I said no-

Seanna says- Anna.

Next- Mom you know the boy we saw that time in Target that yelled at me- that was in my class –do you remember his name?


Seanna- Tyler?


At this point- I am just wanting to shred all of her valentines day cards and suggest. Why don’t you go through the yearbook look at last years pictures and figure out how to spell them and who was in your class from that.

Emma- Great idea Mom

After 2 hours- The valentines day cards were complete.

I felt like a vegetable (corn I think)

I did not want to hear another thing about valentines day cards.

Tuesday- We get a note home from Emma’s Teacher to all students. This year we are asking all students to send in cards without addressing the envelopes – so that no one will be left out.


Emma started to cry- I about did with her-

I promised her – We will go out and buy new envelops and I would help her re-stuff.

I am thinking about sending a note into the principal abolishing Valentines Day Cards. The students should feel the love without the paper J

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