Monday, February 11, 2008

I’m Sorry I was just here for the eye exam…

So on Saturday- I got up went to Kinkos to deliver a mail-out for Mk Ministries that we are doing- to 4100 pastors- We only need 40 more partners to be FULL TIME (YAHOO)

Then I went to get my eyes examined! I have been surviving on the only pair of contacts left since Conference. So with all of the salt that has been plastered on them over the last few months- I felt like I was looking at the world through a screen door J.

I usually go to Wal-Mart Vision Center (only the best for me). They did not have an appt until March (there are other cheap people in the world), so I choose the CLOSER Wal-Mart Vision Center. This Dr will remain nameless.

I walk in to find the office over-run by people and no place to sit- I wait three deep to sign in- Sign in and stand by the wall. The lady says – are you Cylinda? I said yes- She said here are your forms. She said that I could fill them out in the examination room as they were busy. I fill all three of them out and wait to be called. She then bust in the door to tell me I needed to go out there and put my soda in the trash. I said I did not have a soda. She said well someone left it out there and no one is claiming it. I went out there and threw it in the trash (Just to ward off the evil stares). There was now an empty seat. She is back again. Maam I will have to tell you – we don’t take personal checks- I said fine. We also don’t take debit cards. I said fine. She said so I can only take a credit card. I said fine. She said do you have one with your name on it. I said yes. She said I will have to see ID too. I said fine. She said I will have to make sure you card will hold $154.00 before I can let you see the Dr. I again said fine. She took my card.

Okay she said- You are lucky- It went through. (lol)

So then she said- I am going to do your first part of your exam and I need you to do only what I say. I said okay. She said do you have contacts in? She said well then why didn’t you tell me. I said you just asked. She said now we have to get up -and go get a case and you have take them out. I said okay. She said do you know how to take them out? I looked at her like she was high and said yes- I have been wearing them since I was 16. She said okay.

I walk back into the room. She then tells me be still and only do what I say. Okay

I do my little test.

The Eye Doctor.

I walk in- He is in a polo shirt and khakis and is very casual. He asked how I am doing blah blah blah. Figures out my eye prescription- with is this better or this? One or Two? I hate that part. I feel like a complete looser as sometimes one and two look the same. I am like- is this a trick question? They look the same. He tells me to concentrate (I am)

He then looks at my eyeballs (while shining a light that could be used on a midnight crime scene). Do you have high blood pressure? No

Your veins look like someone who has high blood pressure. I said I went to the Dr three weeks ago and it was 120/80- had surgery last weekend and it was high- but I was stressed out. Well keep an eye one your blood pressure. I think you have it. (Okay I didn’t realize that I was not getting a complete physical by my “eye” Dr)

Also do you see these rings under your eyes?

The Dark Circles I say?

Yes- That is a sign of being tired-

Yes- I agree (I say)

Well you have rings all the way around your eyes- which are a sign of exhaustion and stress to the highest level.

Wow I think now I am getting a complete physiological analysis for free.

Yes- I said I have been going through quite a bit of stress for the past 6 months.

Well – he says- That would explain your High Blood Pressure then too? Huh?

I said- Well up until today- no one has told me that I have it- but I can get it checked out.

Well- whatever it is that is causing this much stress and pressure, and exhaustion in your life you need to just cut it out- It is not good for you-

Do you think? /

I walked out with my credit card receipt thinking- Wow for 154.00 dollars I don’t know if my eye insurance will cover it- I got a complete physical and psychological exam for free. I popped my head back in the door to look at his license just to make sure he really had gone to school- He had.

I just happed to get a bonus J

People –you crack me up.

Now I could tell you about the process of trying to order more contacts and glasses but who has the time to read another LONG BLOG J

Happy Monday!~

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Jim and Linda Poitras said...

I have been feeling a little sick today. This blog sends me off to bed for the night smirking and Linda asking, "Who are you writing and laughing about. Daddy, Daddy, you have a sneaky little grin on. What is happening. All right doodle, doo." That must be southern!