Monday, February 11, 2008


On Friday Night- John said- wherever you want to go- we will go. Just speak the word. The word I spoke was Waffle House. WHAT? You can go anywhere to eat and you choose Waffe House? Yes- I wanted a Bacon egg and cheese sandwich. So off we went.

We walked in to LOUD hip hop music- (shocking- normally the country music greets you at the door). Jade immediately smiled at us and said- Welcome to Waffle House.

We sat at our booth. She came over and cleaned it all over again- set out our cutlery, and gave us our menus. She commented on how cute the girls were. I just smiled and said thanks. We all were courteous, distant, and in our own world. She took our order. Put the girls straws in their milk carton for them and left the tops on. She went the extra mile to check on us frequently.

The Lord started talking in my ear. Get to know Jade and minister to her.
No thank you Lord. I am set tonight. I don’t want people, extra talk or extra smiling. I just want to eat my Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwhich and go.

She brought our food, and checked back with us. She then came back to our table toting a children’s book- Hansel and Grettle- She commented on how old it was and how hard it was to remember the story. I noticed she had colored contacts in and that she had a scar below her right eye. She had not had an easy life. I chatted briefly with her about the book.

The Lord again kept on in my ear- Dig in- minister to her.

I ignored him and started to eat my second half deliberately adding the pickles.

Do you need a refill? (all of our drinks were full) no- I think we are good.

Do it- the Lord said-

She came back again this time with a children’s joke book. She read two knock knock jokes to my girls. They laughed. We were now done eating.

How was everything? Jade asked- great I said- Are you off this weekend? I asked. I am off from 8 PM on. I said great- well I hope you have an awesome weekend (The Lord again is now telling me her weekend would be better if you would invite her to church) I ignore on.

I said have a good night and get up. I asked John to leave her a bigger than normal tip.
I head to the door. John has the girls in the jeep. I head to my car- full- but defeated. Why not head back in and be obedient? I again ignore the Lord.
I get in my car- turn off the Christian station and just want silence.
I don’t want to hear anything.
Sunday Night- During praise and Worship- I stand and sing with the group- Come into this house.
I again hear the voice- Jade might have wanted to come into this house.

I drown it out by singing louder.

I now see her face floating over a seat in the front.

“Come into this house, magnify the Lord, Lift up holy hands, our hearts in one accord”
Again the voice- she would have loved to have been here.

I push the voice out of my head.
I make it through the service.
I am driving home-
My 8 year old is talking
I don’t hear her
The only voice I can hear is Jade's
The only face I can see is hers
I pray for her-
I cry- for the lady that I had the opportunity to witness to and did not.

Tomorrow is Tuesday-
After work I would love to talk to you- but I am busy- I am heading to Waffle House-
I have to find Jade.

Sometimes better to be late than never!

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Jim and Linda Poitras said...

And we'll say a little prayer for you as you witness.