Monday, February 11, 2008

Ding Dongs in the Freezer!

I spoke at our ladies tea in January about “The friendship of women.” I talked about the diff. levels of friendship- The Ruth/Naomi- Friendship – The Hannah/Penninah “Friendship” –The Jonathan/David- Friendship, and finally –The Mary/Elizabeth friendships in our lives.

I told them of a time in my life- after Hurricane Hugo that we had lost just about every material possession we had. The winds hit the island for 10 hours at 210 MPH. When we got to leave the room that the Lord kept us safe in- I found that my drawers were sucked out of the dresser, everything was wet and destroyed or just flat our missing.

I was going to TBC at that time- and had taken off that semester to stay at home and work. I just felt like the Lord told me to do so. So in obedience I did. I am so glad I was there for my parents as during the night- my Dad passed out with a “Stress Attack” I had to help my mother by literally holding the key in the dead bolt lock due to the pressure on the door.

Two weeks later when mail started to come into the island I had a box from my best friend at that time. It was Laura Coates. She sent me her Bible that her Pastor had given to her upon Graduation (one of her most favorite possessions). The outfit I always borrowed from her when I wanted to feel special. A pack of Fruit of the Loom underwear, and a box of ding dongs. Only your best friend in the world would send you a box like that- It was a pure Jonathan/David moment in my life. As I spoke that day- I really didn’t know if anyone was even listening after drinking warm tea, and digesting several calories of wonderful treats.

Imagine my shock on Saturday when a wonderful lady at church sent me a box- Do you know what was in it? Ding Dongs. Wow- Not only had she listened as I tried to minister that day- but she remembered- and she acted on it. Do people like this even exist anymore? I didn’t think so. BUT SHE DID.

That box of un-selfish Ding Dong giving probably ministered more to me than 20 preaching CDs. It came from her heart to mine.

I cried and laughed as I opened the box up and smelled of their goodness. John just stood there in amazement and starred at me- Ding Dongs? I said yes- Isn’t this the greatest ever.

I called my Mom- Woke her out of bed (she lives in a diff. time zone)- and Said Mom- you won’t believe it- God sent me a Ding Dong friend. She (of course) knew what I meant.

About three hours later at Pizza Hut I knew why the Lord had started my day of with the the Ding Dongs-for they were my strength while going through a rough situation.

The girls wanted Pizza Hut and so we hit their buffet. I was still not hungry at all- and was nibbling on my cardboard excuse of a piece when I saw her- a big bellied- full blown 8 month pregnant lady-being seated at the booth right next to us. I couldn’t believe it. Right next to us? Come on God. I am doing good – I am breathing – and I can talk in sentences again. But yes- she sat there. The tears started coming down faster than my Pizza Hut napkin could contain them. I had to leave. I didn’t want to spoil the girls and John’s meal. John returned with his plate and saw the pain in my eyes. Are you going to be okay honey? I said – I am going to go ahead and head out- you have the girls right?

What is wrong with Mama? Where is she going? The questions came pouring in.

Oh Mama has some Ding Dongs at home –she is going to eat those.

The 7 minutes home were flooded with tears. I had no numbers in my head- or cell phones that I wanted to call. I just wanted to get home and head to the freezer- For in it was a fresh box of ding dongs. They were all I needed. You see they represented the love, concern, and compassion of true friends. So what if I had a rough spot. The Lord has placed people in my life. People that will be there for you through thick and thin.

Who needs a bread stick- when you have manna from heaven in the circular shape of a Ding Dong!

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Jim and Linda Poitras said...

We just sent you a dozen boxes of ding dongs!