Monday, February 18, 2008

In the back of your mind- theory- Feb 12'08

So when my Mom was here- she was telling me about an article that she read- that most people have something in the back of their mind that is always nagging at them. Something that they can never really focus on the rest of their world- because this bothers them. I said- wow- I know what John's is- and then I thought- Where do I start

My Mom said that hers is the clutter of paper that she has at home. Now if you have this visual of her and my Dad being waist high in paper- that is not how her house is- but she I am sure is always behind as they travel non-stop.

So I have been thinking about that for the past week and I think mine is my weight. I was telling a friend of mine that by the time I turn 40 in June I am going to be on my way to fabulous. So I talked to John about it last night (much to his chagrin) and I think I am going to sign up for Weight Watchers on line again.

IF YOU ARE CHUBBY as well and want to join me- please email me and I would love to have a get fabulous partner on this journey. Now as to the 497 other things that are in the back of my mind-I will have to deal with you later!!!

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