Friday, February 08, 2008

Cinderalla and the Ten Commandments

So Sunday Mornings- We usually have our first session together in kids church and then break out into small groups more fitting to their age. This past week I had the Kinder and under crew. We were doing a maze trying to get Moses moved around through to the 10 commandments.

First question for Ava- Ava who is the man who went up the mountain to go and get the ten commandments-
Ava- Cinderella?
Cylinda- No -it was a man can you remember?
Ava- A Princess?
Dana- I like Cinderella too
Ava- Me too
Dana- I like princesses too
Cylinda- Great- but this is a man do you know who?
Emma- It's Moses guys- Cinderella didn't exist back then

Later on in the session-
We were supposed to all be parts of a machine that made diff. noises that passed a ball to each other (to show we are many people -one church etc).
Cylinda- Ava- what noise do you want to be?
Dana-No I'm Cinderella
Cylinda-None of us are going to be Cinderella we are going to make noises like swoosh, squeak squeak.
Ava- I am going to make Cinderella noises.

So as you can see- we had quite the Cinderella small group time on Sunday!! They are so cute- If they could only stay young!!

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