Friday, February 08, 2008

Hey you all- 1/24/08

So I have been the lax blogger lately. I have been so behind on life that I can't get on here! January in the travel world is our busiest month. We do more tickets in the first two weeks than we do in November and December together.

That coupled with the fact that had not got caught up on MKM jobs, outside sales, Sunday School, Kids Church, Kids in Prayer, our HOUSEWORK OR LAUNDRY- I could not focus

SO I am starting to see the light.

Seanna was sick for 10 days straight January 9th-20th. She had strep which the Drs did not find on the first test but PTL found on the second.

On the 12th of January I went to the Dr and had a biopsy on my head (yes they found my brain) and I went in to just have a spot looked at and came out with two stitches. They will call with the results by the 26th they said. I had skin cancer when Emma was a baby and had a plastic surgeon and 97 stitches to close it. So we are praying that this is a TINY matter

We had Kids Night out Banana Night on the 18th- Blast- had banana splits and fun for all-

I go to the OB on the 30th to find out all the BABY information. I can now say BABY and not panic and pass out!! God is good and every good and perfect gift comes from him!!

Tomorrow Emma is being rewarded to be a Fantastic Kid at school. She got a math award for her class so it was taped to the FRONT of the Fridge when I got home. Seanna said - why is that so special I was in the paper for A honor roll twice (they love each other)

Really I am proud of both of them as they are good girls- they love each other and love to sing and worship Jesus (most important).

Monday January 28th would have been my Mother-in-laws Birthday so I know that it will be a hard day on John and Penny.

GOD is so good to us all is he not? He gives us daily strength.

Now for the things I forgot when you are pregnant list:

You go to the bathroom every five seconds
You can't drink diet coke
You can't eat hotdogs
You can't eat lunch meat
You have a huge stomach even at 12 weeks
You are exhausted (as in I fell asleep at work one day)
You have to go to the bathroom (did I mention that)
You have vivid dreams (no I have not killed a girl with bouncy balls and John is not trying out for a job as a monkey)
You need to eat FIBER (enough said)

And you get to see a baby in about 4 years if you make it through!!

Love you all- I will blog tomorrow as there is a lot in this little brain that needs to get out-

OH BTW to see the latest CULTURE SHOCK and PASSPORT KIDS (publications of MK MINISTRIES) go to and look under publications.

Love you all like a huge diet coke (I miss have I mentioned that?)


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