Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blessings Come in Tall Packages-Feb 18, 08

So today makes it official- One week on WW. Now how silly for me to start on V-day I know I know- but when I make up my mind- I make up my mind.

So I hit the scale today (and my fist still hurts -kidding) and I had only dropped one pound. Now in my head I am screaming going -HELLOOOOO ONE POUND? Then I think -oh I know why (females you will figure it out quickly). Then I think- Hey that is four sticks of butter melted off of me.

I do a tiny happy dance (it was early-I counld't do a full blown out celebration). But Seanna and Emma walked in to get their hair done while I was doing my tiny dance. What are you doing Mom? (Seanna)
Having a mini-celebration- I lost a lb this week.
ONLY A POUND? ( I am feeling the victory melting out of my body)

Wow Mom great Job

** Now that is what I wanted to hear**

I know I am silly but I am keeping myself motivated. Don't be a hater when you see me and I am like a zipper ok- just warning you!!!

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