Thursday, February 21, 2008

Emma 6 going on 16- Feb 18th, 08

Sunday Night Seanna had a sleep over at Alyson's house and Emma had a sleepover at her Aunt and Uncles house. Emma was quizzing me after church what I put in her overnight bag for her. Did you put in Pjs? Yes. Did you put in my toothbrush? Yes. Did you put in my deodorant? No- I didn't know you used it.

Yes- I wear Seanna's old deodorant now because Seanna told me my underarms smell like applesauce.

I at this point am in the church hallway about to split in half from laughing so hard.

Applesauce? What? I wonder what brand takes away the smell of smell of applesauce we all battle

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