Monday, February 18, 2008

The 4100

I think there is a TV show called the 4100 or something like that- When I am talking about the 4100 I am talking about envelopes sitting at my house waiting for stamps and labels. This week we are sending out a huge mail-out to 4100 Pastors across the US. We only need 38 more Partner in Missions for the MK Ministries office to open full time. THIS WILL BE A HUGE HELP to our MKS. They will have someone 40 hours a week focusing on their ministry- rather than three people working on it when time permits. I think that MK Ministries has grown so much in the past six months- but this does not even touch what we are going to do with God's Help!!

If you are interested in joining with us- our website is www.upwithmks. and you can sign up there!!

For those of you who partner with us already- God is doing great things!!

Just pray with us that when these 4100 envelopes hit those churches- they will not be able to just lightly toss them in the trash- but open them up and fill out the PIM or go to the Website and sign up to be a partner.

If HE can make an ax head float
Make a donkey talk
Open up a sea
save you and me

This is nada for HIM!!!

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