Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Kids in Prayer- Praying the Nativity Scene- 12/18/07

Sunday Night I was desperate to do something- Christmas-y and still prayer-filled with our "Kids in Prayer" group.....

SO....John and I

Took my nativity scene from home and set It up for them.

We had each of them take a person from the scene and we prayed for those person's characteristics to be manifested in our lives (don't worry that is not how I worded it for the kids Here are some of our examples:

Mary- Pure heart, available to the Lord
Joseph- Loyal to my family and friends
Shepherds- Sharer of the good news of Jesus to others
Animals- (yes they were included) that we would be willing to share what we have with others.
Wiseman 1- That we would bring our gift of Worship to Jesus
Wiseman 2- That we would walk in faith like the Wiseman
Wiseman 3- That we would look good in robes (kidding trying to see if you are reading this) That we would follow HIS path and not be side-tracked by unbelievers (King Harod)

Jesus- That he would be the center of our lives like he is the center of the manger scene!

Anyway- I know I am always needing ideas for Kids in Prayer so wanted to share this with you all....

Find LYN ST.JOHN on here and email her- or go to:

www.kidsprayer.com- Start one today- KIDS need to be in PRAYER!! They are amazing prayer warriors and intercessors!

Love you all like a freshly decorated Christmas tree (WOW)

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