Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Update on John's Mom- 4:45 PM

So for all of you who have emailed as to how John's Mom is doing- thanks so much- It has meant the world!!

She is still with us!

She fell on the 29th of September broke her right hip and right wrist. At that time she had to wait for five days for the surgery to get her blood thicker as she takes blood thinner. After the surgery she did fine- until the 14th. She was put into ICU to manage her pain- she was having internal bleeding and developed a blood clot in her right hip area. They had to wait until the 18th to do the surgery as they again could not get her blood thick enough to do surgery (she would have just bled to death) She has not responded to us since the 16th- Her whole body was jerking and twitching and she was screaming out in pain when you saw her in ICU. on the 18th she had surgery (which they said it was unlikely that she was strong enough for) she made it through. She was put on a ventilator after to help her body recover. They tried to wean her on the 20th and could not. On the 21st we received a call that the DR wanted to talk to John and Penny. At that point they were told that they needed to prepare for the worst etc.

The second call on Sunday was that she was bleeding internally again and would require another surgery that the blood clot had come back. They were going to transport her to the main hospital where they were better equipped for the challenges that this brought. On Sunday night at 11:00 she was transported to that hospital. That night the family was told it was not good etc.

Monday they did a brain scan to check for activity (as she was still not responding). They made the decision to not have the surgery. This morning she started getting stronger and was able to signal to yes and no questions. They need to wean her off the ventilator ASAP. They are doing this today.

So that is where we are at. This has been a real emotional roller coaster. Our kids don't know how serious it has been. Penny- John's sister has been amazing through all of this and I can't imagine the pressure, fear, pain, doubts, fears she and John have faced. Their father died when they were 6 and 8 and their Mother has been both parents to them.

Thanks for all of your prayers-emails-and kindness. Sorry I have been slow to respond to things- we have been living 1/2 at the hospital- at work- with the kids then church all as much as possible!!

Love you blogging buddies!


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