Monday, October 29, 2007

Update and Cylinda vs. Rent a Cop!

Hey you guys- Kool Aid Man is here-

How scary would that have been really- A huge jug of Kool-Aid busting through the wall. Nightmare City I would say.

So Bettie (My Mother In Law) is on day 31 of being in the hospital. Today I went at lunch and they are putting her into ICU. She does not know anyone and is really having a battle. They are doing further testing and should know more tomorrow. Right now they feel that she is having heart failure in the right side of her heart.
Emma’s Toenail did finally fall off the Thursday- Gross me right out the door. She brought it home in a baggie and wanted to put it under her pillow for the Toenail fairy- Who by the way has still not shown up- So if you have kids with teeth that have fallen out and the tooth fairy is on her way to your house- can you ask where the toe nail fairy has been- Thanks-
I found out the reason Emma was vomiting non stop on Wed. Night is that John was giving her 1 1/2 Tablespoons of the antibiotic instead of tsp. Thanking the Lord that she DID vomit, and Thanking the Lord for a husband who helps me out when others are dead beat Dads!


My Mom flew in on Saturday (for which I about sang the Hallelujah Chorus from beginning to end) and leaves tomorrow- for which I am saying Thank you Jesus. John is in Augusta, GA and won’t be back until Friday Night. I fly out on Saturday am to Fort Lauderdale to meet with Brother Howell, Carla Burton, and Mark Hattabaugh about MK Ministries…then I fly home on Saturday Night.
Friday’s Funny Story-

So you know that things have been stressful at our house lately. On Friday Seanna was being honored at her class for being a “Terrific Kid” We had to be at school by 6:45-7:00 AM to get her special breakfast and award ceremony. We leave the house at 6:45. I am going separate from John as I have to leave right after Seanna’s award and get to work as my boss was out in the am.

I get to school after about getting smashed by a school into a dirt lot -did I mention it was pouring rain? I find out my umbrella’s are all in John’s car. I run to the sidewalk-and had the sidewalk- Cop – wanna be- car line director yell at me for not waiting for him to signal me to walk. I look back and see my car lights are on. I run back. Get my heel stuck In the mud and hit my body- falling face first into the car. He now yells by the way your car lights are on- I am like thank you (while thinking I know moron why do you think I just endangered myself by running back) I then wait for him to signal me over. I get to the outside of the cafeteria and am banging on the door for someone to let me in. The Principal comes to the door and tells me that I have to go to the office and get a visitor sticker and sign in. I am drenched and my hair can be rung out by this time.

I go to the office sign in and get my stupid silver sticker (alliteration rocks) and head to the cafeteria. They have already started. I go in the line and get a cold donut and warm white milk (yuck) and sit down with John and Seanna (who is just shaking her head at me). Why are you so late? I am so embarrassed.

Oh really I said? (Thinking evil thoughts as I shoot the principal a look). Seanna Nickel- you have been awarded this award on behalf of your classmates……I jump up…take the picture… Tell her I am proud of her. Give her a kiss…put her award in my purse and go out the back door. I walk by the principal and smile widely as I go out the ILLEGAL DOOR.

I am hoping they don’t reprobate Seanna for her Mother’s behavior. I walk back into the rain (who cares are this point) Get close to my car and the same Wanna be Cop says- you know you didn’t have to go back to your car before- your lights went off on their own as soon as you got there.

I prayed for peaceful thoughts as I smiled sweetly and said. You have been the most helpful person today – Thank you! (In my best southern sugary sweet accent). Have I mentioned I don’t have a southern accent? You didn’t know that? Neither did Mr. Law.

I got back in my car and cursed out Ponch and John from every past Chips episode I had ever seen That is when I snuck over to my friend’s house on Friday Nights in the islands.

Go get a real job cop boy now I have to get to work!

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