Friday, October 12, 2007

Why am I the dork parent that signs up for parent teacher conference at 7:00 AM??

That is what I was asking myself on a day when the kids had NO SCHOOL why am I still getting up at 6?

I get to school- 2 minutes late
I get lost in the school- now am 4 minutes late
Seanna is in another building- now am 6 minutes late

I walk in the room-

I am so sorry I am late (I suddenly revert back to 3rd grade myself and mentally tell myself you the adult- don't slip into a desk and pull out a notebook out of your purse-reminder you use pens now)

Well I can see now why Seanna walks in at the last minute every day says Mr. Martelli.

Really I think

Suddenly he burst out in laugher-

The tension is broken

I have a permission slip from my Mom as to why I am late I say as I sit down- It was very hard to get as they are in the air flying to Brazil right now.

Immediately knowing why I like him- he responds- And I bet the dog ate your homework too? How did he know?


3rd grade for Cylinda was a little different

I went to a school that had no screens, only louvered windows. The school was shut down when it was raining as we had galvanized tin roofs and it was loud. I went to a private school with my bag lunch of salami with peppers sandwich (complete with miracle whip-gross) an apple and on a good day Cheetos.

In first grade I had all of the first graders in my class that knew how to spell their name - sign my petition to change the drinking fountain in the front of the school turned into a kool-aid (red preferred) - The principal did not agree. My first sign that I should not run for 1st grade student government.

First grade was also the year that I told the swimming teacher I forgot my suit four weeks in a row- until the note went home. Then I reverted to the excuse that I had surgery on my belly button and the stitches had not healed yet. That only was good for two weeks.

Second grade- I fell and hit my head on the corner of my teacher’s desk while running up to take the erasers out to be cleaned (can you spell brown-noser?). My parents where on another island, my brother went to the ER with me- all the while saying- if you wouldn't have run you- you wouldn't need stitches. I came home to find my babysitter had just run over our cat.

Third Grade-I went dumpster diving in the neighborhood trash bin and found some 3 inch platform sandals too good to pass up. On the last day of school I put them in a brown paper sack and put them on when I got to school. My legs were so tall I could not fit them under my desk the whole day. But I was the envy of all of the girls. That was until my Mom came across the stashed paper bag in a cleaning exploit over the summer. Not so cool then.

Forth Grade-Saturday Night Fever just came out- I remember them playing the record (for you younger ones that is a large disk that is black and looks like a CD but larger) and me standing there as I knew I was not to dance. At last the whole class was dancing but me. One boy- Joey Garcia came up and asked if I wanted to dance- I told him I don't dance- and he said I don't either just stand there and make circles with your hands and I will too. I held that in for two weeks until one night at prayers- I had to come clean with my Dad. Dad- your daughter is going to hell. I will miss you while you are in heaven? Why Cylinda? I danced with my hands- My feet stayed still- but I made circles out of my hands.


The teacher's conference was over- Seanna is at 95th percentile for her age. John is going to Emma's at 10:00 - that will be a diff. story. Seanna is John- Emma poor dear is her mother!


VS said...

when I need medicine (laughter) I read your blog!

Vicki S.

Jim and Linda Poitras said...

This is one of my favorites. I've just spent the last hour or so blog hunting for it.