Monday, September 17, 2007

Help my 6 year old is reading.... 15 Sep 2007

So It’s 9:09 PM and I am chuckling ever so quietly to myself. I am sitting here at my kitchen table with a zillion things to do…and what am I doing?? I have a HUGE fresh cup of diet coke on my left- and my laptop in front of me. Yes I am blogging.

This has been one of the crazier weeks of my life. Really you say….. crazier than working at a Sardine plant with no arms- Yes I quickly say…and really…..who works at sardine plants anyway…and people with no arms can do a lot now a days.
I have come to realize that it does not matter for the masses (all one of you who reads these blogs) if I have blogged lately but I am missing my free blogging therapy.

MK Ministries
This has been quite a crazy MKM week. WE have been updating our data base- begging people to email yes/no over the pizza bash. Getting new banners made, printing a zillion (that is larger than 200) t-shirts, working on a 30 second commercial for GC, trying to update the website with SOM pictures and blah blah blah you get the point…. I am Up to my hot sticks in work (and my hair has been so nasty lately every piece of hair would stand up and applaud for a little attention).
Movie Review:
In a time where most Pentecostal ladies look their best. UPCI pictures presents “Cylinda Nickel the girl who brought the classy hair-do women to an all time low”. Now showing in Beta and VHS in video stores around the country (all two copies)
My co-workers stand out of their offices when I walk in and say – A pony tail again- Wow let’s move it up a notch Cylinda (okay they really don’t but if they weren’t working so HARD in their offices they would)

The Girls:
Who said believe a six year old when she says she has her homework done…has never lived with Emma. From the time Seanna was born at 2 minutes old she was responsible. She came out of the womb with a daytimer and has organized my life. She would set her own alarm for changing diapers etc… You get the picture (okay before you called the child welfare department that was a little joke-e-joke)…..

So When Seanna says yes….I did my homework…She has done her homework and extra just to be perfect for the next day. Having said that Emma is the exact opposite….So you would think when she says Yes, Momma I did my homework I would run to the hills crying and knowing I would be up all night….but no…sometimes ignoring is my policy. That is until I got the “note” from Emma’s teacher. Please help Emma with her homework. She has 3 diff. things every night she needs to be doing and now she is two weeks behind. Who knew….? Do you mean as a parent you expect me to open my child’s backpack ?. SO We have been catching up on EMMA’S Homework.
Let me tell you- This is not fun. For Emma to read the following sentence- would take 5 minutes
The Dog Ran Fast.

After about 10 minutes of this I was ready to shove a graham cracker in my eye so that I had an excuse to go to the emergency room. I resisted the urge to yell at the top of my lungs- The word is THE …HOW HARD IS IT???? The – Three simple letters. T H E. She stops every two breaths to comment about how cute her friends are….how she loves my outfit…how she didn’t know that I had gold flip flops…

All the while John sits by and laughs and laugh and laughs at my pain. I now understand why he is so eager to do the dishes after dinner so that I can have “QUALITY” time with Emma to do her school work with her.

Please call 911- I am experiencing Grahmcracker-in-the eye-tis!

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