Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm Just Saying- September 15th

I hate it when the announcer on the radio says....

In a world where you think you are are not
Join us at channel 97 tonight at 11:59 pm
to find out why what you are eating
right now can kill you and your children....

I look from car to anyone else putting down their breakfast bars in fright?
Is it me?
Is it the oatmeal cookie breakfast crumble surprise?
Will it kill me?

I hit the radio-
what else am I supposed to eat in traffic?
A bowl of oatmeal?
A saucer of cream of wheat?

Those that can stay up until 11:59 and watch the news know that it is
a Remote Indian Restaurant in the back side of the dessert who found two roaches walking
outside of the restaurant

I might as well take bacon grease and rub it all over my face...and then eat fatback....
Whew- that was a close call!

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