Monday, September 17, 2007

This person has my heart.Sept 10th

This person...has my Heart...

I love this
How often have your been to a store and they can't help you because they are talking to each other

They are on a personal phone call

They are too busy

Well this person took matters into their own hands

How about you....
Who is waiting on you
Who needs you to look at them while they are speaking
Who needs you to really listen to them
Who needs you to ask questions and really listen to the answers
Who needs your hug
Your assurance
Your ministry
Your annointing
Your passion

But they slipped out of your life because they were tired of waiting on you

God Help me today to focus
Focus on the ones in my life
That just need my attention
Just need a little nod of approval
A quick smile
A ministering word

Don't make them wait
Even if I am tired or hurting or sore or challenged
Help me to always

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