Friday, August 17, 2007

Lost In You!

Lost In you…..

We all have that pivotal point in our life when we were LOST in HIM!!!

Fully immersed



Sloshing and basking in his presence

I recall a time in my life when I went on Aim to Nassau. I was lonely beyond measure. The missionary had not arrived yet and I was working with the local Pastor and his family. My mission was to teach Bible Studies and start a youth group.

It was a horrible lonely time, but it was one of the most refreshing saturated times in my life.

I remember praying for hours and getting up not realizing where the time had past

I made more notes from my Bible than I ever had

I had journals filled after the Three months of what I felt the Lord someday wanted out of me.

It was also a great time of trials-

I was doing 21 Bible Studies at that time (a week) after Cold calling people from the phone book.

After one Bible Study a Demon Possessed person entered into the Room with a broken bottle and held it up to my neck demanding money. I started praying, rebuking, and calling on the name of Jesus. She fled wild eyed and we thanked the Lord together. I would see her daily in the trees hissing at me. I recall the night she came to church and felt the Lord for the first time.

I picked up kids for the Kids Club/VBS/Youth group all smashed into one- WE had a van and thus could get them. I recall one night a huge fight breaking out in the older group. One kid had run out broken a bottle and had returned to cut up another kid (what is up with the broken bottles there). They were by the Baptismal and I just remember again calling on the name of Jesus and the boy running out.

One night- my apartment was in the midst of being broken into and the Lord woke me up by calling my name in the Local Pastor’s voice. I woke up saying I hear you I will be right there. I scrambled to get my robe and turned on lights etc. In the process I scared away the thieves- and did not even know it. In the morning- their tools were still there as they were attempting to break in with a crow bar and had bent the frame- The door had to be cut out.

That Summer I saw 26 kids receive the Holy Ghost and when I left there was a youth group. But I only say all of those things to say this- It was the Loneliest – yet one of the best times of my life.

I recall on my Birthday sitting alone at a small wooden table with my x-small pizza and I put a candle in it and sang to myself. All the while questioning if I was really supposed to be there. In the middle of my solo Birthday Song the power went out and I started to cry. Then I felt such a sweet presence of God I got up did not eat my pizza and just sat with Jesus for a bit!! Probably one of the best gifts I have ever received.

I had no money (My Aim Supporters forgot about me when I got there), I had no friends (but my MAIN FRIEND HIM). But I saw the Lord work in an awesome way.

The floodgates of this memory came back to me today- because I thought of all of the times in my life- when did I feel him the most?? When I was the loneliest.

I was alone- But he was with me

I was weak- but with him accomplished what I set out to do.

Whoever you are today out there reading this- HE has called you to this part of your life for you to bask in him. This is a lonely, solitary point in time…but HE has called you away to be with him.

I know am crying as I type (and praying my co-workers don’t walk in) as I can see you sitting there reading this- feeling alone, hurt, misunderstood.

It doesn’t matter. He is sitting right next to you- with open arms. Ready to draw you in.

Today- Inhale him

Inhale peace

And watch what the Lord is going to do through you!

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