Friday, August 31, 2007

So I am not dwelling today- August 20,07

So I am not dwelling today okay- I’ll admit it ?

Call it too little sleep
Call it too good of services yesterday
Call it what you may

But today I lost it at Alltel. John (my Husband of great handsomeness) works for Alltel as an engineer. I thus have a cell phone from Alltel. Today I run in thinking I will quickly change my plan. Key word was quickly- I had a list of four errands to run on my quick lunch.

I walk in everyone is helping someone-cool I think- I will check out the new phones. Then another couple comes in after me and checks out phones. We make eye contact- I made sure of it so they knew I was there first (first sign that my Holy Ghost was left behind in the car ?)

Then person behind the counter is free and walks over to the couple- Hi- Welcome to Alltel how can I help you today? (How about helping the people that were here first I think) but keep my mouth shut….

I now (and yes- this is the least like God I have been I a while) stand in the middle of the store so the now three in the party have to part to get around me. Someone will be right with you Maam the man says. Really? Oh Great I say sweetly (sour is spurting forth in my eyes to the couple). The man feels the tension and says oh I am sorry were you here first? The couple looks amazed (I am waiting for their gasp) and I say yes- but go right ahead (rejoicing that my point was made) My guardian angel who had followed me in are now leaning against the door wanting out.

Finally three men pour out of the back. The man in the front says she needs help. I am like no joke- They look up from their conversation and say how can we help you? I said I need to update my plan and get a new phone. They all look at my little green shabby phone and say wow you do need an update. Seeing the blush that came over my little green’s phone face, I said I love my phone but thought it was time to update. My angel hovers closer and my phone is no longer blushing.

Let’s start out by getting your zip code they say (I am thinking why does it take three men to help me? Am I suddenly a terrorist?) I give them my zip code and my cell number. Sorry we don’t have you in the system. Yes you do

I repeat the number slowly (a little like you would talk to a child)
Let me check another computer. All of them go to the second one.

Well it looks like you are here- wait a minute John Nickel?? Are you John?
I fight back what do you think…and patiently say – no that is my husband. It is under his name as he is EMPLOYED by alltel. Oh well then I can only talk to John Nickel about this phone they all say.

Really –well that is news to me I start in- as I have had this phone number for the past 8 years and have always made changes and picked out my phones without John being present.

We can’t do that maam.

I said why don’t I call john on the phone and he will verify I am his wife and we will get this done- I am just wanting to get a 9.99 phone and change my plan before I leave tomorrow.

We can’t do that.
Why not?
You are not John
I know I am not
Well then you can’t change it
I am his wife
You are not on the account
Look how many Alltel cards do you need to see my insurance, my prescriptions, and my dental plan? My dental records (yes I went too far) to see that his name and my name are both on every account together.

Really – the manager says- This is for your safety?
My safety I said – really loudly?
Yes, you know that I am not giving out his Social Security number

He said well our district manager is right over there helping those clients if you would like to wait you can talk to him. (This is the man who ignored me when I walked in)

I said WAIT?? WHAT HAVE WE BEEN DOING_ WAITING ALREADY? They are now standing three across with all three of them having their arms crossed. I said I want all of your names. They gave me their names.

I said thank you and walked out.
I opened up the door again- pulled my angel back out the door so he would go in the car with me. I might need him for bad traffic later.

Then I get in the car and think- Great job Cylinda- You let a tiny 4 inch by 2 inch cell phone ruin your testimony to three prospective saints.

I think they wouldn’t have made good saints anyway- they would have changed visitors to fill out welcome cards. I mentally try to calculate how many of them I could bowl down with one traffic lane.

Unfortunately the Lord would not let it go. I kept hearing over and over in my head. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high- shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.

Another translation- that I looked up when I got back to work reads-

Happy is he whose resting-place is in the secret of the Lord, and under the shade of the wings of the Most High; Ps 91:1

As I drove through the drive through ordering my Stupid Salad and large diet coke- I repented of my harshness, stupidity, and for my loosing my patience with people who were probably poorly trained to begin with. How can the Lord in-trust anything with me if I loose it over a simple thing?

I repented with sorrow and tears- and asked the Lord to shape me into his being so that I could abide with him- To crawl back on his bench and sit in his presence!

I said it even out loud. I think my angel might have been smiling as I offered him a sip of my diet coke-

So I don’t have a new phone- I have HIM
I don’t have a call my friend’s free plan- I was going to have to make up some numbers anyway
I do have Jesus- and I have peace and that’s what matters…..I gotta go my cell phone is ringing!! ?

BTW- This is not the normal or standard operation for Alltel. I have been in there once a year for the past 8 years and have loved every other helpful person- I think these people were transplants from Not-So- Friendly Land...and they won't be at a store near you!!

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