Monday, July 30, 2007

Conversations about Sisterly Surgeries….

So this morning while I am doing the girls hair- DOES IT EVER END? Here is the conversation that was happening. Yes, Christopher Brainos this did occur

Seanna:So Momma…are you going to be there on Thursday when I have surgery?
Cylinda:Yes- I said I will be there and Daddy will be there.
Seanna: Are you taking off from work?
Cylinda:Yes, I am taking off from work.

She looks over at Emma (who is doing her model posing and twirling in the mirror)
Seanna: Emma are you going to come on Thursday when I have my surgery.
Emma:How how boring with that be. There will be nothing to do. What I am supposed to do sit there?
Seanna: There is a waiting room
Emma: I think I will go to Penny’s house.
Seanna:I can’t believe you are not going to be there for me.
(she leaves the room looking like she is going to cry- her hair is now done)

Emma: Is she serious? Does she really want me there?
{Side note- I now feel like my 6 year old and 8 year old have morphed into 16 and 18 year olds}

Cylinda:Emma it would mean a lot to her if you go to.
Emma: I better check on Seanna.
Cylinda:Wait till you get your hair done first
Emma: Rolls her eyes and tries to twirl as I do her braid
Seanna has surgery on Thursday to remove a growth/tumor from her back. It is growing larger and larger and they just want to remove it as they are not sure what is going on with it.

John and I both have been thinking wow….we have not been as stressed out a bout this surgery as we thought we would be. We have been thanking the Lord for peace. Have both said to ourselves this is not a huge deal- it is outpatient etc.
John while brushing his teeth this morning tells me Wow I had this really stressful dream about Seanna and Joe (our dog) last night. I said really (while brushing my teeth) 'cause I had a dream that after we took Seanna into surgery they lost her and we were searching all over the hospital all night trying to find her (maybe that is why I woke up with bags under my eyes ?)
Anyway- Back to thought line- A lot of times we put on our Super Girl costume and act like to everyone we are fine, things don’t bother us, we are trusting the LORD through this …when actually we are filled with apprehension. How about you? What are you facing today while wearing your Evil Knievel outfit? You know what? HE is in control…and He never lets us down.

Conversation in the car later while on my way to drop them off.

Emma- Seanna if you want me to go to the waiting room with Mommy and Daddy I will- I will just take some PetShops with me.

Seanna-Are you sure?

Emma- Yes, I am sure- You’re my only sister Seanna-come on!
You will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trusts in you.

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I went to hug my sister. She thinks that I am weird. It's okay. I am.