Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trash To Treasure! June 26, 2007

Thank you for your prayers- John’s Mom is out of the hospital!! It has been a stressful three weeks. But God is good!!! She will be staying with Steve and Penny for a couple of weeks and receiving physical therapy there. Even though we don’t like the news we were given during this time. We know the News-Changer and the healer!

I received a call yesterday that my aunt had a stroke. Received an email today that my Dad who is flying back from Ghana tonight has taken ill. They are still don’t know if they will leave tonight or not. The Lord has really moved in the Next Steps Training and I think close to 57 have received the Holy Ghost in the past three weeks with several also being baptized.

Please help us be in prayer for Seanna. She is in the midst of some medical testing and needs the touch of the lord as well.

My co-worker/boss talked to me this morning. He said wow life has really given you a plateful of ____ lately hasn’t it? I said well it may seem that way to us. But he shapes us and those around us and we can have peace even in the midst of chaos. We're all a work in progress and lately I need more work it seems.

I found this really neat article the other day. There is a man whose specialty as an artist is to take trash and form it into a shape. To the human still looks like a pile of trash. He then shines a light on it and the shadows are a beautiful picture unlike the heap of trash that sits in front of you. I thought about my life and walk with God. So many things about me are not appealing-he shapes me...even though I am nothing...he takes my nothing and shapes it and then thought the light of the Holy Ghost makes something beautiful out of it. I pray that I don't resent the process -the Master Artist has His plan- He has the blueprints and moves and shapes me as needed. I am defiantly a work in progress.

If you are struggling today-thinking it is all too much- Remember you are a work in progress. You don’t see yourself the way he does. Pray that you will see yourself in HIS eyes. He –through the light of his love has made something beautiful out of you!!

Through his shaping of you- you will attract others to him- he is creating a beautiful masterpiece out of you. For It is not the heap of trash that will be remembered but the artist!

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Melinda said...

"We're all a work in progress and lately I need more work it seems."

Oh. Yes.