Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am reminding myself that I love this age- July 9, 2007

We went to Atlanta this weekend for a mini-vacation. If you ever get a chance to go to the GEORGIA AQUARIUM it is worth it. Every penny. (ok I sound like a sr citizen when I just typed that).

It is the largest aquarium in the US right now and has really got unique things that you don't see in the standard four fish in a tank variety of aquariums.

So back to my blog. On the way to Atlanta on Friday- Emma goes into this- let's just talk about sharks and say everything we know about them for the next hour... okay Mama? That is LITERALLY what she said and trust me- it went on for about 36 minutes (I do have a clock in my car. Sharks love to eat, they have big teeth, they can trace the smell of blood in the water, whale sharks don't eat meat, they have 8 rows of teeth, they need to go to the dentist, do sharks have dentist? Do they celebrate birthdays? Do they know who their Mamas are? They feel rubbery, they can't walk on dirt, etc etc. Finally when she was running out of facts it was like.... What if we were all sharks and we were wearing clothes and driving to Atlanta - what then Mama? I was thinking great. She is about done with Shark facts. I turn around and bam- she is asleep. Just like Sid from Ice Age- Talking on minute asleep the next.

Gotta Love six year olds.

I have the picture of her sleeping in her "Trust me I know Fashion T-shirt" on. Sleeping with mouth open.

Where were John and Seanna at this point? John was ignoring it all as you men do...and Seanna was reading a book and rolling her eyes at key moments!

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Melinda said...

Sharks give me chills. The thought of sharks gives me chills. When I am in the deep end of a pool, I get paranoid that a shark is down there and have to progress to the shallow end. Laugh now, I wish I were joking. (I wonder what the fear of sharks is called???)